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Family learning trails on the island of Krk

The Mediterranean climate and the scenic natural beauty of the island of Krk are the perfect reasons for a rich offer of different activities. So, Krk is an ideal starting point for your unique active vacation. During the spring and autumn months, hiking trails that stretch along the island's coast (lungomare) are a few of the many attractions of the island of Krk that appeal to a significant number of foreign and domestic hikers.

Apart from enjoying the fresh sea air and the picturesque landscapes, visiting one of our hiking trails gives you the opportunity to learn something new about the history of our island, explore its rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural attractions as well as taste something authentic from the island's rich gourmet offer.

Gather your loved ones, your friends and family, and embark on a hiking adventure, created so that every generation can enjoy. In the text below, we bring you top-themed educational trails on the island of Krk, perfect for all recreational walkers, lovers of outdoor activities, and parents with children alike.


Glagolitic family learning trail in Baška

The Glagolitic Trail in Baška is an exceptional and interesting educational hiking trail. It will introduce you to as many as 34 stone sculptures of Glagolitic letters placed along the Baška valley. The Baška tablet is the oldest historical record, written in the Croatian language using the Glagolitic script and carved in stone in 1105. This historically valuable monument was the main inspiration for this unique hiking trail design, created thanks to the locals aiming to honor the Glagolitic alphabet.

Baška Glagolitic alphabet learning trail aims to showcase the diversity and richness of flora and fauna of the southern part of the island of Krk. The site stretches from Baška to Lipica with a total length of 6 km, making it ideal for all recreational walkers. Furthermore, this trail is considered easy, so a leisurely walk will take approximately two and a half hours.

Sculptures of Glagolitic letters, each with a specific dedication and information boards, are placed in different locations along the entire path. The largest one, the letter A, is located near Treskavac and is dedicated to Zagreb's Croatian capital city. Walking along the path, you will notice that the letters are situated in various places, some along the road, the others in exciting locations and viewpoints, encouraging you to participate in research and learning actively. Walking along the Glagolitic family learing trail is the best way to discover the secrets of the Glagolitic alphabet, get to know Baška and the Baška valley and all its hidden beauties and attractions.

Glagolitic family learning trail, Baska on Krk

The Golden Drops of Krk Treasure walking trail

The Golden Drops of Krk Treasure walking trail is another fascinating hiking trail dedicated to Krk's liquid treasure - olive oil. The Golden Drops of Krk Treasure Walking Path is a 10 km long family walking trail that starts from the town of Krk and continues through the olive groves to the "Ethno House" in Kornić and ends once again in Krk. This walking path appeals to all lovers of active vacations, especially cyclists and recreational walkers. It is very trendy among island guests.

Marked signs placed along the trail provide cyclists and walkers with information about olive trees, products made of olives and the process of olive oil production. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the landscape, the many mazes of dry-stone walls and ancient olive groves.

The Golden Drops of Krk Treasure walking trail

The circular hiking trail Paths of Dobrinj and its surroundings

Paths of Dobrinj is a 20 km long learning trail perfect for a family walk. This trail contains as many as 7 checkpoints:

1. Šilo
2. Žestilac
3. Gostinjac
4. Sveti Vid
5. Dobrinj
6. Gornja Hlapa
7. Županje

All of them are situated in an area abounding with diverse plant communities and picturesque villages, from the town of Šilo to Dobrinj. The expected time to cross this walking trail is about 6 hours. Enjoy the views of beautiful olive groves, small villages, cultural monuments, and local architecture while expanding your knowledge and enriching your spirit and body.

The circular hiking trail Paths of Dobrinj, Krk island

Climb to Obzova and Veli vrh

For all lovers of nature, climbing and mountaineering, slightly more demanding hiking trails will lead you to the island's highest peaks of Krk - Veli vrh (541 meters) and/or towards Obzova (568 m). You can reach them by marked walking trails from Punat or Bašćanska Draga.

One of the most famous climbs is from Treskavac to Obzova, primarily due to its accessibility by car and parking located on Treskavac. Obzova and its surrounding area are entirely rocky. Once used to feed livestock, the large ponds located nearby are an interesting sight to see. The climb is not demanding, and it is suitable for all generations, provided they are in good shape. Once you reach the top, a feeling of complete peace and tranquility ensues. The view of Baška, the islands of Cres, Rab, Plavnik, Prvić and the blue sea will be a breathtaking reward for all your efforts.

Hiking and trekking are most popular during spring and autumn when air temperatures are neither too high nor too low. Regardless of when you plan to conquer Krk's peaks, equip yourself well, especially with adequate footwear, as most trails are karst and stone. Also, make sure to bring enough water. Of course, it is always wise to check the weather forecast due to strong wind gusts or high summer temperatures that can make the ascent too demanding.

Climb to Obzova and Veli vrh, Krk island

The educational Karst Pond Walking trail "Put lokvi"

To preserve and promote aquatic biotopes – ponds, once a major source of drinking water for the local population, an interesting educational Karst Pond Walking trail, "Put lokvi"
was opened in 2016. The Karst Pond Walking trail "Put lokvi" begins at Milohnići and extends to Poljica, and a walk along it can take between two and three hours.

It is not uncommon for walkers to extend their walking time because of the many fantastic viewpoints that encourage one to stop, inhale and enjoy. Informative and educational tables in six different languages that provide interesting information about karst ponds are placed along the Karst Pond Walking trail "Put lokvi". So, gather your family and friends and embark on a hiking adventure, expand your knowledge, and enjoy the beauty of nature at every corner.

The educational Karst Pond Walking trail

The path of the Glagolitic Alphabet in Gabonjin - "Put glagoljaša"

Svetko Ušalj, a lover of the Glagolitic script and Glagolitic world from Gabonjin, transferred the Glagolitic letters from parchment to stone and formed the learing Glagolitic path named "Path of the Glagolitic Alphabet " in 2001. Along this Glagolitic educational trail, there are 37 Glagolitic letters and five plaques with inscriptions in the Glagolitic script. Do not miss out on this short but instructive trail. You will also enjoy the fantastic view from St. Peter's church.

The path of the Glagolitic Alphabet in Gabonjin - Put glagoljaša, Krk island

Learning trail Biserujka Cave - Slivanjska Bay

The learning trail that connects the famous Krk attraction Biserujka Cave and Slivanjska Bay was primarily designed to direct the many visitors of Biserujka Cave to other great locations, as there are often more than 75 visitors per hour as allowed. Therefore, visiting this trail is a perfect active way to wisely use the time before exploring the fascinating Biserujka cave, one of Croatia's most visited tourist caves.

This family learning trail is suitable for both adults and children and takes about 45 minutes of easy walking. There are five information boards along the trail where you can learn about the landscape shaped by way of life in the past and once the main branch of activity - sheep grazing. So be sure to take a walk along this interesting educational trail and do not miss out on the beauty of Biserujka cave.

Learning trail Biserujka Cave - Slivanjska Bay, Krk island

Circular walking trail "The Routes of the Frankopans" in Vrbnik

This moderately demanding walking trail is 20 km long, and the walk along it takes approximately 5 hours. It takes you first from the center of Vrbnik to the area of Kostrij. Then, through the landscape abounding in tree heather Erica arborea (resika) and strawberry tree (planika), two common sorts of local Mediterranean vegetation, you arrive to the bay of Melska, where you can take a swim on warmer days. Finally, the trail takes you further to the bay of Sveti Marek, where the largest sandy beach on the island of Krk is located as well as the remains of the medieval church dedicated to Saint Mark.

Continue along the paved road towards Risika, and at the first road branch, you turn right onto a macadam road. If you decide to turn left in front of the Melska bay, you will come to Risika, first mentioned in 1284. In the center, you will find the church of St. Jerome. The road takes you further to the Gradec fortress - the ruins of a former castle of the noble Frankopan family and the church of the Holy Spirit. According to beliefs, the Frankopan family originates from the Vrbnik area and Gradec was the center of their feudal rule.

At the next intersection, continue left and you will come to Stoza. Afterward, once again turning left, you will reach Rovoznik, a wellspring of drinking water. You can visit the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene nearby, which was, according to legend, the place where the last member of the noble Frankopan family held their wedding ceremony. Along the winding path, you continue your walk through the Vrbnik field, surrounded by the vines of local sort žlahtina, to Lug until you reach the exit at the intersection near the church of Sveta Nedija (1445). Turn right to the next intersection and then left, back to the point of departure.

Circular walking trail

The island of Krk boasts well-developed hiking, mountaineering, and cycling trails located throughout the island. We believe it takes 12 days to walk across all the hiking trails. So, we invite you to explore our island during all seasons and participate in various events, especially in spring and autumn when there are many incredible opportunities for active vacation on our beautiful island of Krk.




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