General terms and conditions



The Guest provides personal information that is required for processing requested services. We will use the same information for inter-communication. If you don’t want to receive any information about changes, news and special offers, please inform us and we will, of course, respect your will. Your name and e-mail address allow us to send you newsletters. But, of course, you may stop the delivery of that type of communication at any time. 

The Agency is under obligation that the personal information of the Guest will not be given to a third party or used except for the purpose of carrying out requested services and inter-communication.

We reserve the right to publish reviews of accommodation, at the express request of the Guest Mare Tours will unpublish the review from our web site.


The Agency ensures services according to the published information, description and schedule in accordance with confirmed reservations except in the circumstances beyond our control. 

While we make every effort to ensure that the descriptions supplied are accurate, the information presented may contain accidental grammar or typing mistakes. Please note that minor differences may arise between the photograph/illustration/text used and the actual property. Tolerance of +/- 20% applies to all numerical values (areas, distances,…). Stated distances are based on air distances unless stated otherwise.

If it is indicated that the accommodation is air-conditioned, air-conditioning is available mainly in the living area of ​​the accommodation, and if there are several air-conditioning devices, this is additionally emphasized in the description.

Offered accommodation units are described after the official categorization of the issuing institution ( e.g. Croatian Office for Tourism) and through our insight in the actual condition of the capacities. Changes, additions and information corrections are made continually. Mare Tours is not responsible for direct, indirect, criminal or any other damages that are the result of using the information presented. 

The property owner reserves the right to modify the property specifications considered necessary in light of operating requirements. In the interest of continual improvement, property owners reserve the right to alter furniture, fittings, amenities, facilities, or any part of any activities, either advertised or previously available, without prior notice. Suppose major material changes occur after your booking has been confirmed. In that case, we will advise you if there is time before departure.


We receive all inquiries and accommodation bookings by e-mail, phone in written (by mail) or delivered personally in the Mare Tours agency.

We offer You a wide choice of apartments, rooms and holiday houses. However, in case You are unsure about what sort of accommodation suits You best, please inform us about Your criteria and priorities when choosing Your accommodation. We shall gladly offer You several options according to Your wishes.

The completed booking form on our website is considered to be booking. To complete the booking, the Guest should pay the advance within five days from receiving the booking confirmation. The advance is 30 % of the total amount. For a stay shorter than 5 nights, the advance is 50 % of the total amount. For some accommodation, the total amount is required one month before arrival, which is indicated in the accommodation description. When the advance is paid in, the Guest is due to mail the receipt to Mare Tours. If booked vacation term starts 15 days after the booking is made, the Guest is due to pay advance money within 12 hours from receiving the booking confirmation and immediately notify Mare Tours by e-mail.

Advance payment for booked accommodation can be paid by bank transfer or by credit card.

Online credit card authorization is provided by WSpay™ system. Data transfer is secured by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 256 bit instant SSL pro data encryption.

All advance payments by credit cards will be effected in euro. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated on our website.

Suppose we do not receive the advance as booking confirmation within the above-stated time limit. In that case, the booking is considered to be nonvalid. 

After the advance is paid, Mare Tours will send to the guest an advance receipt with all the details considering the service and instructions for how to reach us.

While booking, a guest is due to give all the information that booking procedure requires. All the files are kept under the name of the person whose name is first stated in the booking form (holder of booking). The booking holder is responsible for all the payments (advance and the rest of the costs).

When you arrive at Your destination, unless agreed otherwise, you must first register in Mare Tours agency and show Your booking confirmation document – voucher and valid documents (identity cards or passports) of all persons in the group.

Check-in is from 14:00 and check-out is until 10:00. For some accommodation, check-in is from 16:00, which is indicated in the voucher.

Our opening hours in the high season (1.6. - 15.9.) are 8:00 - 20:00 from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday, we are open from 9:00 - 16:00. Out of high season (until 1.6. and from 15.9.) our opening hours are from 8:00 - 15:00 from Monday to Friday. For arrivals outside of opening hours, prior arrangements must be made before check-in.


The accommodation price includes the basic service described in the booked accommodation unit. Properties are let fully furnished and equipped following the category standard. All properties' prices include linen, electricity, hot and cold water and final cleaning.

Special services are those not included in the price of accommodation (for example pets); therefore, the customer pays for them separately. You must request these services at the time of booking. 

In some apartments, the air conditioning is included in the price and in some apartments, there is an extra daily charge for the air conditioning - this is clearly stated in the accommodation description. Pets are not allowed in all accommodation units. The number and kind of pets must be agreed upon prior to acceptance of the booking.

The accommodation prices are listed in euro.

Should the number of people for the reserved accommodation unit exceed the number indicated on the travel documents (voucher), the service provider has the right to withhold services for unannounced guests or allow all guests and request additional payment for unannounced guests on the spot.

The property owner is not obligated to provide accommodation beyond the period stated on the voucher. But if it’s possible it can be done. In that case, the payment for additional time is requested. The property owner is not obligated to provide services that are not stated in the voucher.

The existing Law regulations prescribe that every Guest must pay daily residence tax along with the accommodation bill. The final amount of the residence tax for a specific reservation is determined by the number and age of persons as well as the period of booking.

The reservation calculation will include the amount required for residence tax or there will be a note that the residence tax is already included in the price.

The guests pay the registration fee (3 Eur per person - only one time, NOT daily) and reservation fee (19 Eur per reservation) along with the payment for the accommodation.

For the stay of 1, 2 or 3 nights the price is 30 % higher.

If you intend to organize a private function (e.g., party, wedding, cocktail party) at the property, you must seek prior permission. You might have to pay additional charges at the property owner’s discretion. 

Travel insurance is not included in the price.


In the event that the Guest wishes to change or cancel a reservation, he/she must do so in writing (by e-mail, fax or letter). Changes can refer to the number of people or the names of the Guests, the date of the arrival /departure and must be made no later than 15 days prior to the beginning date of the service in question. If a reservation change is not possible and the Guest gives up the confirmed reservation, the cancellation terms listed below apply. 

For fixed confirmed reservations for accommodation units in private accommodation, the date on which the written cancellation is received represents the basis of the calculation of costs as follows: 

  • for a canceled reservation up to 15 days prior to the beginning of the service - 30% of the total amount of the reservation 
  • for a canceled reservation 14-08 days prior to the beginning of the service - 50% of the total amount of the reservation 
  • for a canceled reservation 07 to 2 days prior to the beginning of the service - 70% of the total amount of the reservation 
  • for a canceled reservation 1 day prior to the beginning of the service, during the reservation or failure of the Guest to show up at the reserved accommodation unit - 100% of the total amount of the reservation

If, according to the General Terms & Conditions, the conditions for the return of the paid funds are met, the Agency retains the reservation fee amount.

The same cancellation conditions apply to hotels, unless otherwise stated below.

Cancellation conditions for Hotel Verbenicum

The guest can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 30 days before arrival.
For cancellations from 30 to 1 day before the arrival date, 60% of the accommodation price is charged.
If the guest does not arrive or cancels within the reserved time, 100% of the total price of the accommodation will be charged.

The guest can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 30 days before arrival.
For cancellations from 30 to 1 day before the arrival date, 60% of the accommodation price is charged.
If the guest does not arrive or cancels within the reserved time, 100% of the total price of the accommodation will be charged.



The Agency reserves the right to make changes regarding reservations in the event of circumstances that cannot be predicted, avoided or removed. A reserved accommodation unit can only be switched with prior notification by the Guest for an accommodation unit in the same category or in a higher category at the price at which the Guest confirmed the reservation. Suppose the replacement accommodation is only possible in a unit in a higher category where the price is 15% more than the price of the paid reservation. In that case, the Agency reserves the right to charge the Guest the difference and is required to consult with the Guest.

In a very unlikely event that the Agency must make alterations and cancellations, we will inform you as soon as possible and if requested, we will try to arrange alternative accommodation of a similar type, standard and location. 


In cases where substitute accommodation for reserved accommodation is unavailable, Mare Tours reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount and shall be under no other liability.  


The Agency is responsible for providing services as well as selecting the service provider while respecting the rights and interests of the Guests in accordance with the traditions of the tourism industry. The Agency will fulfill all the abovementioned obligations as described except in circumstances beyond its control.


The Guest is obligated to: have valid travel documentation, respect and abide by all customs and foreign exchange regulations of the destination country as well as of other countries through which he/she passes or resides. The guests must agree to abide by the house rules of the accommodation as well as cooperate with the service providers in a well-intentioned manner. The Guest must enquire whether or not a visa is required for the destination country as well as for countries through which he/she passes or resides. If the Guest does not follow these regulations, he/she will be held responsible for any expenses or damages.

You must keep the property and all furniture, fittings, effects, facilities, equipment and grounds in the same state of repair and condition as at the beginning of your holiday. Final cleaning is included in the price unless stated otherwise, however, you are expected to keep the reasonable state of cleanliness and in the same general order in which it was found. You will be responsible for any breakages, loss or damage to the property. The property owner reserves the right to charge you for any extra cleaning and to claim compensation for damages.


Mare Tours agency is not liable neither for any loss, ruined or damaged baggage or it’s theft. Any valuables left at the property are left at your own risk. Neither the Agency nor the property owner is responsible for their loss. No refund can be given should you decide to vacate the property as a consequence of a burglary. Lost belongings or theft should be reported to the property owner and to the local police station. 

Neither the Agency nor the property owner shall be responsible for the death of, or personal injury or illness of any member of a booking party, or of any other person at the property. 

We shall not be liable for any loss or delay due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including though not limited to acts of God, explosion, tempest, fire or accidents, natural disasters, war or threat of war, civil disturbances, acts, restrictions, regulations, laws or measures of any kind on the part of the government or local authority, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial actions or disputes. Also, natural calamities and further other circumstances such as extraordinary weather conditions, death of the owner, divorce of the owner, in which complete or partial compliance with the agreement cannot be demanded to reasonableness and fairness from us, we shall be entitled to treat the rent contract as discharged. 

Mare Tours cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss weather of the Guest nor of the property owner.


If you have a problem whilst at your booked accommodation, please bring it to our attention, so that we have an opportunity to put it right at the time. Failure to alert us of any problem whilst you are in the accommodation will lead to a rejection of any later complaint. You are obliged to cooperate with the Agency and the property owner in goodwill to renounce the source of the complaint. If possible, the Agency is obliged to offer alternative accommodation that fits the type of reserved one if the problem in question cannot be put right at the time. Only complaints that are dealt with during the stay and those whose cause of the problem could not be repaired will be considered valid. The maximum amount of refund can reach only the amount of paid deposit. It cannot span to already consumed services nor to the total costs. If an alternative solution that fits the paid service is refused at the spot, later claims will not be accepted nor answered. Amendment to the ideal reparations is not possible and later complaints are not accepted.

If the guest has a justified objection to the accommodation, he must report it to the Agency immediately upon noticing the deficiency. If the agency cannot eliminate the cause of the complaint or offer alternative accommodation, the agency and the guest can agree on a discount commensurate with the complaint`s cause. Such agreement is possible only during the guest's stay, immediately after receiving the complaint. The agency will not honour subsequent requests for compensation after the guest has left.

The Agency cannot be held responsible for climate conditions, cleanliness, and the temperature of the sea, or crowds, as well as similar situations and events which can result in the dissatisfaction of guests and are not a direct result of the accommodation unit quality.


For day tours we take full tour payment at the time of booking. For multi-day, self drive & group tours, a full payment is due 30 days in advance. In case the organizer has to postpone the booked excursion/experience, guests have the choice to receive the paid amount back or to accept an alternative date.

In case of a refund, your refund will be processed by the same payment method you used for your order. The return process can take up to a week. 


More than 24 hours notice - Full refund

Less than 24 hours’ notice - No refund

For some excursions and activities, longer cancellation periods with full refunds apply - this is always stated in the description in the Important Information section. 


More than 14 days notice - 90% refund

Less than 14 days notice - 50% or more refund*

Less than 48 hours’ notice - No refund 

10% of the price of your multi-day, self-drive or group trip is non-refundable, this percentage reflects our cost of booking and preparing your trip.

* You will be refunded at least 50% of your total tour price if you cancel your tour with less than 14 days and more than 48 hours notice. The exact cancellation fee depends on our direct cost of canceling any arrangements made for your tours such as guides, meals and transport. We will do our best to keep these costs as low as possible and make sure that you have a minimum cancellation fee.

Cancellations with less than 48-hours’ notice before trip departure get no refund. No refund will be given if tours are canceled with less than 48 hours notice since we will be charged for all costs such as guides, meals and transport. 


Some of our day & multi-day tours & activities require a minimum number of participants. If this tour minimum number has not been met, we will alert guests 24 hours before the tour in order to re-schedule or cancel the tour. If you are not able to take the alternative dates and the tour is canceled due to the minimum number of participants, you will get a full refund.



We hope you will be satisfied with the excursions and tours from our offer. We do our best to ensure that the descriptions are accurate and we only cooperate with verified organizers.

If you have complaints about excursions, experiences, activities and tours, please communicate the complaint directly to the service provider on the spot so that any shortcomings can be immediately removed at the time and place of service provision.

If you do not accept the offered on-site complaint solution that corresponds to the contracted service, Mare Tours does not have to accept the subsequent complaint.

If the causes of the complaint are not removed during the reserved service, you can submit a complaint for the non-fulfilment or irregular and incomplete fulfilment of the services from the contracted excursion. Mare Tours will take into account only complaints with an explanation and evidence, within eight days from the end of the excursion, in writing to the e-mail address: info@mare-vrbnik.com.

Mare Tours is obliged to respond to a properly received complaint within 15 working days in writing to the e-mail address of the guest who sent the complaint.

A proportionate reduction of the price per complaint can reach the amount of unused or deficient parts of the services. The Passenger cannot request a refund for the consumed part of the service.
The total compensation for damage caused by non-fulfilment, partial fulfilment or improper fulfilment of obligations is limited to the price of the excursion/tour/experience/activity.
This excludes the Passenger's right to compensation for ideal damages.


The Guest and the Agency will aim to resolve all possible objections and if an agreement cannot be reached authority in charge is the court in Krk under the authority of the laws of the Republic of Croatia.




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