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Krk Dishes

We want to introduce you to some of the most popular traditional dishes of the island of Krk. From appetizers, main dishes to desserts - taste the island of Krk and enjoy the richness of aromas of top traditional delicacies of local Krk cuisine!

We suggest that you discover delicacies from the island of Krk through the gourmet experiences, such as wine cellar tours with wine tasting and wine evenings, traditional homemade pasta šurlice making class and tasting, olive oil tasting in the olive grove, visit to the family cheese factory, a tour of prosciutto house with prosciutto tasting and much more!

For a complete gourmet experience, join our 7-day gourmet trip Taste Krk. Bon appetit!

Sheep Cheese and skuta (dry curd cottage cheese)

Krk sheep cheese

Sheep cheese from Krk is a local Croatian cheese that belongs to hard, full-fat cheeses made from raw, thermally unprocessed sheep milk. It is recognizable by its quality and taste and is produced by small family farms (OPG) throughout the island. Sheep cheese and skuta (dry curd cottage cheese) can be tasted in many restaurants or directly on certain family farms where you can buy them.

Sheep cheese and skuta, just like other sheep dairy products, can be eaten as such. Sheep cheese can be tried in combination with prosciutto and a glass of delicious wine žlahtina and skuta combined with homemade jam of different flavors.

Don't miss a visit to the family cheese farm and Krk sheep cheese tasting for a complete gourmet-experience!

Krk prosciutto

Krk prosciutto

Island of Krk prosciutto (pršut) is one of a kind because, in addition to its specific taste, it has become the first Croatian product to be protected in the EU.

The specificity of Krk prosciutto lies in the fact that it is salted with wild herbs from the island, it is not smoked and ripens with its skin… and is of course, it dried on Krk bora. We advise you to eat it with homemade sheep cheese and a glass of quality wine žlahtina.

Check our guided tour of the prosciutto factory as well as prosciutto tasting

Home made pasta šurlice and makaruni


Šurlice and makaruni are dishes made from homemade pasta dough, which are a feature of Krk cuisine since ancient times. Once they were served exclusively with lamb and beef stew, and today they are served with different sauces; zucchini or wild asparagus sauce, with sauce bolognese or in combination with homemade prosciutto, scampi or mussels.

These are just some of the dishes that you will be able to taste in restaurants, taverns or city squares during the numerous food and wine events. Don't miss a chance to learn how to make Šurlice pasta with Šurlice pasta making course and Šurlice tasting!

Krk lamb 

Krk lamb

Thanks to ecological breeding with the local stamp of quality, unique grazing pastures with plenty of aromatic herbs and the original breed of Krk sheep, Krk lamb meets the most stringent environmental standards and appetites of the most demanding gourmets.

We advise you not to miss the opportunity to taste lamb in one of the many Krk restaurants, taverns and other catering facilities, where it is usually served as roasted lamb with young potatoes, grilled lamb, lamb on a spit or lamb prepared under peka (a special bell-shaped lid). Visitors who prefer the traditional cuisine can take pleasure in lamb stew, žgvacet (a traditional goulash) or lamb tripe.

Sea bass in salt

Sea brass

Sea bass in salt is one of the most interesting Mediterranean cuisine dishes that you definitely have to taste in one of the famous Krk fish restaurants or your own kitchen after you buy a freshly caught sea bass on the fish market.

What is especially important is that the fish you eat is fresh and it will taste even better if served with homegrown Swiss chard or boiled potatoes. Whether served for lunch or dinner, we advise you to have a glass of Vrbnička Žlahtina wine with the meal.

Octopus prepared under peka

Octopus prepared under peka

Octopus prepared under peka (a special bell-shaped lid) is one of the typical Mediterranean cuisine delicacies that will delight you. Peeled potatoes, stem and root vegetables and freshly caught octopus are arranged in an earthenware dish, spiced with salt, olive oil and local wine.

Peka is covered with a lid and wrapped with embers from all sides. We advise you to find a restaurant which offers this traditional dish prepared according to the old-time recipe that will allow you to enjoy the blended taste of sea and wine, homegrown vegetables and Mediterranean spices in a completely new way. 

Domestic squid

Domestic squid

Domestic squid is a favorite dish of many gourmets. As with fish, the squid must be fresh. The squid can be prepared in various ways: fried, stuffed (with octopus and other seafood), roasted or under peka (a special bell-shaped lid). We are sure you will enjoy squid in whatever way they are prepared.



Scampi is one of the most famous and most delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. Gourmets are thrilled with their delicate mild taste and pliable texture that overwhelm all who try them. Scampi can be prepared in various ways, but the best known are fried or breaded scampi, scampi brodet (fish stew) or grilled scampi.

Some even prefer to eat them raw. No matter how they are prepared, a glass of good Žlahtina wine and their taste will surely be remembered for a long time. 

Polenta and fish stew (Palenta & brodit)

Palenta & brodit

Palenta & brodit (polenta and fish stew) is another traditional dish that is a must if you see it in a menu in Krk restaurants and taverns. Brodit (fish stew) is a seafood dish, usually made from conger, angler, prawns, cuttlefish, squid, red scorpionfish or mussels.

Connoisseurs of Mediterranean cuisine often say that the best brodit is made from a combination of different fish and seafood accompanied by good wine; we advise you to make sure they are right! 

Fried sprats and anchovies

Fried sprats & anchovies

Fried sprats and anchovies were one of the main dishes on our ancestors' menu along the Adriatic coast. They are easily prepared and taste best when served with a glass of good white wine.

Fried sprats and anchovies are offered at numerous fishermen parties across the island or in one of the taverns with traditional cuisine. 

Vegetable stew (Maneštra)

Vegetable stew - Manestra

Maneštra (vegetable stew) is one of the most traditional dishes that will win you over with its simplicity. This local coastal cuisine dish is made from different vegetables and, whatever the variation, it always contains grains of corn.

Vegetable maneštra is made only from vegetables, and maneštra with meat is also popular. Maneštra is often served as an appetizer, but it can also be served as a main dish. Maneštra is served in taverns and restaurants that prepare traditional Krk dishes or at numerous food and wine events.

Wild asparagus

Wild asparagus

The Island of Krk is famous for its biodiversity and many plant species. One of the most popular edible wild plants is wild asparagus - a top-quality vegetable due to its strong nutritional value and medicinal effects on the human body. They usually grow from mid-March to mid-May and this is when they are best to eat because they are fresh and most delicious.

There are various recipes for their preparation; they can be prepared with boiled or scrambled eggs; they can be an ingredient in preparing soups, risotto or delicious sauces. Numerous restaurants and taverns have them on their menu and they are also offered at various food and drink events on the island. 

Traditional cakes Presnec and Povitica


Presnec and povitica are pastries made from young sheep cheese and skuta (dry curd cottage cheese). They are usually made for folk festivities Ivanja and Petrova, celebrated in June when skuta and cheese are of top quality for making these treats.

We advise you to taste them during the numerous gastronomic events or in one of them any restaurants after a delicious dinner and with a glass of local prosecco.

Gelati d'Oro

Gelati d`oro

Gelati d’Oro is ice cream made on the island of Krk in which everything, from ingredients to the name, is exclusively from the island. The ice cream was named after the ancient Roman name “Isola d’Oro”, which was the Roman name for the island of Krk since ancient times.

Only the available ingredients of the best quality are used in ice cream production. The production itself takes place in a modern and sophisticated facility that meets the stringent criteria and industrial production standards.

Gelati d’Oro is an ice cream that will delight even the most demanding customers because, besides the classic flavors, the ice cream varieties include vegan ice cream and lactose-free, gluten-free and sugar-free versions. Different flavors of the best Krk ice cream can be tasted on the island of Krk

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