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The island of Krk and nearby regions abound in natural beauty. We have prepared excursions for you where you will experience an incredible diversity of landscapes and striking natural phenomena. Enjoy hiking tours and national parks, fantastic views and beautiful nature!

The natural beauties and natural attractions of the island of Krk attract more and more guests and visitors from all over the world. The island of Krk and nearby regions such as the "green" Gorski kotar and beautiful Lika abound in unreal natural beauties at every turn. Of course we do not want you to miss seeing, exploring and discovering all the excursions, experiences and travels throughout the island of Krk, Gorski kotar and Lika, so we bring you our organized one-day or multi-day nature excursions and tours on the island of Krk that will perfectly complement your vacation!


Explore the natural attractions and magical nature of the island of Krk


For all those with an adventurous spirit, the best way to explore our beautiful Krk is by an organized off-road quad adventure. This excursion will give you the opportunity to discover diverse Krk landscapes and magnificent natural beauties with excellent guides and great fun that, believe us, is guaranteed. 


If you prefer a view from above to see all the hidden beauty of the island that surrounds you, then you shouldn’t miss the Zipline Edison adventure. This canopy tour among the treetops will give you some amazing panoramic views of nature and the landscape of Krk island and its surroundings. Apart from an adrenaline rush, you will experience the island of Krk from a completely different perspective.


Find the perfect break from the high summer temperatures in one of the most popular natural attractions on the island of Krk, the Biserujka Cave. According to legend Biserujka hides a treasure that has never been found, but maybe you will be the lucky one? We have another kind of invaluable "treasure", in this case it is an organized trip from Krk to visit one of the most beautiful European national parks, Plitvice Lakes. Explore this phenomenon and the wonder of nature that has been attracting tourists for decades, so we definitely recommend an organized trip from Krk to the unique Plitvice Lakes.


Walk & Dine & Enjoy Krk 


Do you wish to experience the island of Krk with all your senses, to see all the diversity of the island's landscape at your own pace, with a carefully organized program? No problem because we have designed and prepared a plan of activities and travel through 7 days of self-guided travel. You travel in your own car, adjust the program to your own schedule, leave us the technical details. You just have to endlessly enjoy exploring Krk olive groves and tasting Krk olive oil, walks filled with attractions and heritage sites, tasting of various Krk wines and many more opportunities if you wish. If all of the above sounds appealing, you don’t want to miss the Walk & Dine & Enjoy Krk self-drive trip.


For the youngest, in fact for the whole family, we recommend that you visit the Adriatic Aquarium in the center of Baska and see for yourself the richness of the fauna of our Adriatic Sea with one of the largest collections of Adriatic shellfish and sea snails. In the town of Krk, stop by the Aquarium-Terrarium, where on the other hand you have the opportunity to learn all about the diversity of freshwater fish in Croatia and see interesting examples of as many as twenty species of exotic animals. Enrich your vacation on the island of Krk with new and amusing information about our marine fauna and enjoy all shades of colors. A great activity for the whole family!


Discover the irresistible Gorski kotar


Gorski kotar, often called the "lungs" of Croatia with its lush natural forests is a green oasis and true paradise ideal for exploration and enjoyment. Mountain air and pleasant summers are the greatest advantages of this region, so it is not surprising that more and more guests discover all the beauties of picturesque rural places perfect for relaxation, socializing or adventure. If you are a true lover of nature, then be sure to take advantage of our offer of several days of self-guided travel Gorski kotar - 50 shades of green. 


Through the three-day program ideal for families with children, you will get to know beautiful natural attractions such as the Risnjak National Park, the magical source of the Kupa River, Vražji prolaz and Zeleni vir, and also try rafting. You will definitely enjoy the fun and activities in the clean and fresh mountain air. We recommend nature trips throughout Gorski Kotar, especially in the summer months. We want to introduce you to the diversity of our region and provide wonderful nature experiences and excursions for a lifetime memory!


A journey inspired by Tesla


Lika is a fascinating region that gave us one of the greatest inventors, Nikola Tesla. Beautiful and magnificent nature, dense forests, numerous rivers and lakes are just a small part of the area that delights all new and returning visitors. So many hidden beauties in one place are best presented through our self-guided trip Tesla inspired journey through Lika. Immerse yourself in the world that inspired the great Tesla, through a four-day journey at your own pace, while we take care of all the technical details. 


Get to know the town Smiljan, find out all the interesting stories about Tesla and his life, the less and the more famous ones. Visit the inevitable Plitvice Lakes, Vrilo Gacke, discover another beautiful national park Northern Velebit and greet the cute bears in the Lika bear sanctuary located in Kuterevo, which will surely remain in your memory forever. 


Lika really deserves our respect and love, and we strive to bring this region closer to everyone who wants something more than the sea and the sun that we have in abundance. You will best experience the splendor of the natural beauties of Lika through our numerous nature experiences, excursions and trips. After all, the region that inspired the great Tesla maybe will give you your own revelatory moment and inspiration for an invention?

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