Gorski kotar - 50 shades of green

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Transportation: Car

    Why choose a trip Gorski kotar - 50 shades of green?

    • because you will enjoy carefully selected, unique experiences in Gorski kotar and its magnificent natural beauties
    • because on this self-drive trip, you will travel at your own pace
    • because you will optimally dedicate your time to discovering Gorski kotar while we take care of the technical details of your trip
    • because you will have great fun and spend quality time together in the fresh air, in the embrace of the mountain forests
    • for an encounter with such a powerful nature is a step further towards oneself


Discover Gorski kotar and its gorgeous natural beauties! You will enjoy all its 50 shades of green at all times and with all your senses.

We have prepared a three-day program for you in Gorski Kotar - a still undiscovered part of Croatia. Explore Risnjak and the mysterious source of the river Kupa. Visit the Vražji prolaz (Devil's Passage) canyon, the Muževa hižica (Husband's House) cave, the Zeleni vir (Green vortex) waterfall and spring with a local guide specialized in heritage interpretation. Enjoy exciting rafting on the river Kupa!

These three unique experiences have been carefully selected for your three unforgettable days in Gorski kotar. This trip can be your short weekend break in nature or a great addition to your vacation at sea.

This is a self-drive trip - which means that you drive your car and tailor the journey to your own pace.

We have found the best of Gorski kotar for you - so that you can make the most of your time and enjoy your vacation. We take care of your trip's technical details and are available to you if you need help.

Guided tours through the Risnjak National Park, as well as interpretive guided tours through Vražji prolaz and Zeleni vir, are always adapted to you and your interests. We also choose an exciting and very safe section of the river suitable for family rafting.

This program is ideal for families with children over 6 years old. If you are coming with smaller children, we can adjust the program by prior arrangement.

This self-guided trip is ideal for all nature lovers. Gorski kotar - 50 shades of green is a great family or romantic trip, an opportunity for quality time spent with friends or team building.

If you come by plane, we can organize transfers or rent-a-car for you. We can also offer you accommodation in Gorski kotar.

This trip's price includes expert guidance and a ticket to the Risnjak National Park, interpretive guidance in Vražji prolaz and Zeleni vir and rafting on the river Kupa.

The stated price of 263 Euro refers only to the 1st person in the group. Namely, this price includes guiding for your whole group through Risnjak and Zeleni vir. Each additional person in the group pays only a ticket to Risnjak of 10 Euro (children up to 7 years do not pay a ticket) and rafting (45 Euro / adults and 30 Euro for children up to 12 years).

Enjoy this great green trip through Gorski kotar!

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Day 1

Risnjak National Park - entrance ticket

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Day 2

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Day 3

Rafting on the river Kupa

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    The trip Gorski Kotar - 50 shades of green has an elaborate itinerary by days. It is planned to start the journey with a tour of the Risnjak National Park. We can adjust the itinerary to your wishes as well as the availability of each experience. For each experience within this trip, we will send you a separate booking confirmation with detailed information about the meeting/departure point with additional useful information.

What's included

  • Entrance ticket
  • Guide
  • Boat ride
  • Equipment
  • Instructor
  • Other

Important information

    • The stated price of 1925 kn refers only to the 1st person in the group. Namely, this price includes guiding for your whole group through Risnjak and Zeleni vir. Each additional person in the group pays only a ticket to Risnjak of 45 kn (children up to 7 years do not pay a ticket) and rafting (280 kn and 190 kn for children up to 12 years).
    • If you come with children under the age of 6, we can modify the program in agreement with you.
    • You will need comfortable clothes and shoes for this trip, and bring a bathing suit for rafting.
    • Be sure to bring a camera - you will surely want to immortalize the natural attractions that await you :)
    Payment information:
    • For the reservation to be valid, it is necessary to make a payment by card via the payment link in the next half hour.
    • If your payment link has expired, you can make a new reservation for the desired excursion/activity.
    • Payment is made by credit card (Mastercard & Visa & Maestro).
    • If you have difficulties paying by card, you can pay for the excursion/activity in cash at our reception: Mare Tours, Vrbnik, Trg sv. Ivana 8.
    • If the organizer has to postpone the booked excursion/experience, guests can receive the paid amount back or accept an alternative date.
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