Risika - idyllic nature & sandy beach

Risika on the island of Krk

Why choose Risika?

  • because Risika has the largest sandy beach on the island of Krk, which is ideal for families with small children
  • Risika is the perfect place for those who dream of a peaceful holiday in the beautiful nature
  • a large number of accommodation facilities in Risika also have a garden and a yard, ideal for a relaxing family vacation
  • because you can enjoy the peace and the idyllic nature although all the larger towns are at hand, only a 10 - 15 min drive away
  • because by the largest sandy beach there is a beach bar with a pool for children and a beautiful view
  • because there is a small pebble beach for dogs in the vicinity
  • Risika and its surroundings offer numerous walking and cycling trails and a unique nature
  • Risika is an ideal destination for those who want to spend their holidays close to nature and in the idyllic calm  


St. Mark's Church Risika


Risika will win you over with its beautiful sandy beach of St. Marek and gorgeous, idyllic nature.

Risika is a village on the eastern coast of the Island of Krk, it is about 6 km from Vrbnik and 25 km from the bridge away. Risika is a scattered village, and it has about 150 permanent residents. 

Sveti Marek beach

Risika is a small village located close to the breathtaking beaches of Krk and surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. It is a perfect choice for all those who cannot imagine their vacation away from the beautiful nature that provides peace and a range of opportunities for an active vacation.

The abundant nature around Risika, the seductive scents of aromatic plants and the seaside smell is best experienced when you take a walk through the marked walking paths to the nearby hidden coves, to the dreamy castle Gradec of the Krk Counts Frankopans, to the freshwater source Rovoznik or up to the vineyards in the field of Vrbnik... 

Rovoznik Risika

Although small by area, Risika offers different amenities for all those guests who want to spend their vacation running the trails immersed in greenery, riding bikes or exploring beautiful pebble beaches that offer peace and privacy.

Risika is the perfect choice for families with small children who will enjoy the sandy beach where they can play, climb up the slide or build sand castles.

Bays in Risika

What could certainly be the most thrilling attribute of this small seaside resort is certainly its position; immersed in greenery, it offers the peace you are looking for, while at the same time Vrbnik is only 10 minutes away by car.

Once in Vrbnik, a wide selection of Krk delicacies, numerous events and happenings, and a rich historical and cultural heritage are waiting for the visitors.

The beautiful sandy beach is perhaps what Risika is most famous for among the inhabitants and visitors of the island of Krk. In addition to the sandy beach in the Risika area, there are several smaller pebble beaches as well as beaches where you can sunbathe and swim on the rocks.

Sandy beach Sveti Marek

Risika offers beautiful beaches, unique nature and an idyllic rural retreat. Besides, Risika has an ideal location on the Island of Krk, which allows you to reach all the major places on the island of Krk in 15 minutes drive. Therefore Risika is an excellent choice for your holiday on the island of Krk.

Beaches in Risika - Sandy beach of St. Marek and small romantic coves

Risika is best known for the beautiful sandy beach Sv. Marek. In addition to this sandy beach, you have at your disposal also smaller romantic bays Javna and Melska with their beautiful pebble beaches.

Here is the selection of the three most famous beaches in Risika: 

 Beach Sveti Marek

Sveti Marek beach in Risika

Sveti Marek beach in Risika is one of the few exclusively sandy beaches on the island of Krk. Close to the beach, there is a large parking lot that makes the beach ideal for families with small children and all those who like sand. The beach offers plenty of amenities for little children, and 3 beach bars await somewhat older visitors. 

Melska Beach

Melska is one of the 3 pebble beaches along the path which connects Vrbnik and Risika from the seaside. You can reach it by car, motorbike, bicycle or on foot if you are a fan of long walks.

Melska is a small pebble beach surrounded by easily accessible rocks ideal for swimmers who want to escape from the big crowds. Visitors to this beach are advised to take water, food and other things they might need during the day, as there are no shops or cafes nearby. 

Beach Vela Javna

Vela Javna beach

Vela Javna is one of the three wild pebble beaches on the path connecting Vrbnik and Risika from the seaside. You can reach the beach by an asphalted narrow road that ends at Vela Javna, where the asphalt road is transformed into the pebble one and leads to the beach of Sv. Marek in Risika.

This is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Krk, and is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature away from large crowds. Since Vela Javna is a very beautiful beach, we are sure that you will want to spend some time there so make sure you take water and food with you, as there are no shops or bars near the beach! 

Near Vela Javna beach there is a small pebble beach called Mala Javna, which is ideal for dog owners because here dogs can swim and play with other dogs undisturbed. 


Swimming marathon Risika


Events in Risika

Speaking of the events in Risika, the swimming marathon between Vrbnik and Risika, which takes place at the end of July, is definitely worth mentioning.

It is an amateur swimming marathon, which starts in the port of Vrbnik and ends about 3 km later on a sandy beach of Sv. Marek in Risika.

The three fastest swimmers are given symbolic prizes, and all other competitors, accompanying persons who come by speedboats and all other visitors can have fun at the party, which is organized after the race on the beach of Sv. Marek.

Risika events

A unique experience is the manifestation "Gradec on the moonlight" which takes place in a special atmosphere in the abandoned medieval Frankopan fortress Gradec, near Risika.

Other events include an entertainment program in beach bars on the sandy beach of Sv. Marek.

We suggest that you also enjoy the folk festival of St. Jerolim, a folk festival held on September 30th, which celebrates St. Jerome (sv. Jeronim), the patron saint of Risika.


Church of St. Jerome Risika 

Sights in Risika - Church of St. Jerome, interesting archeological finds and dormant ruins

From the sights, we want to emphasize here the parish church of St. Jerome and the ruins of the fort Gradec, home of the Krk Counts Frankopans.

Gradec is situated west of Risika, on the old road to the neighboring village Garica.

Fortress Gradec Risika

We must also mention the ruins of the church of St. Mark, above the homonymous sandy beach. Here are also the foundations of a Roman fortress and the remains of a Roman villa rustica are still visible under the sea. 

Risika was first mentioned in the 13th century and it is probably named after the plant heather (erica).

Plant heather (erica)

Unlike the nearby Vrbnik, where most of the cultural and historical heritage is located in the historical town center, the heritage of Risika is scattered by marked hiking trails and hidden coves.

Therefore, walking or cycling through nature is an ideal way to discover the history and culture of this little village.

Hiking trails Risika

The most famous attractions include the Frankopan castle Gradec, situated on the old road that connects Risika and Garica, a source of drinking water Rovoznik and vineyards in Vrbnik field, which must be visited if you are in Risika or its vicinity.

Admirers of historical heritage and active holiday in nature will truly enjoy exploring the natural beauty that conceals the historical and cultural heritage of Risika!

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