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Village Njivice from the sky

The town of Njivice is located on the northwest coast of the island of Krk. Once a small fishing and farming village, Njivice has been transformed into a favorite tourist destination in the recent years, from the former small fishing and fishing village.

A relaxing and unforgettable vacation, wide array of accommodation facilities, a variety of events, a large selection of restaurants, bars and other catering facilities, numerous amenities to ensure an active vacation, mild climate, beautiful beaches and romantic promenades along the sea are just part of the city’s tourist offer.

 The sea front in Njivice

Why Njivice?

  • because Njivice is an ideal destination for all tourists who love swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the rich offer of summer and water sports
  • because there are many beautiful pebble beaches with numerous beach bars with a wide selection of cocktails
  • because in Njivice you will find a nice beach for your dog
  • because of plenty of exciting events (Fireworks Rhapsody, Fishermen's Parties, concerts ...)
  • because of a magnificent long promenade by the sea
  • because there is an attractive newly-built waterfront located in the heart of this former fishing village
  • because there is an interesting lake near Njivice, whose peculiar area is known for its biodiversity

Walking trail in Njivice

Beaches in Njivice in the shade of the forest

If you are a fan of beautiful beaches, swimming, sunbathing and water sports, Njivice is the right place for you.

The beaches in Njivice are diverse, mostly pebble and rocky, and hidden coves are ideal for guests seeking peace and solitude. Due to the particularly mild climate in Njivice, the beaches are surrounded by forest, which makes them especially attractive in summer.

Here are some of the beaches, which you should not miss if visiting Njivice:   

Beach in Njivice Camp 

Beach in Njivice camp

The beautiful pebble beach in Njivice camp has become extremely popular on the island in recent years. Along the entire sea sidepart of the camp lies the swimming zone. One part of the beach has pebbles while the other part of the beach abounds in rocky areas perfect for naturists.

Gravel beach in Njivice camp

The pebble beach is ideal for families with children who can escape from the sun in the forest by the camp. While on the beach, you will be able to enjoy light music pitches and a rich lounge bar service.

In addition to the lounge bar, there is a selection of gastronomy delicacies offered by restaurants. Your little ones will be delighted by the playground with a pirate ship, where they can be carefree and play.   

Miramare beach

Miramare beach in Njivice

This beach is the main swimming area in Njivice. To the south, there is a row of small beaches and coves that are connected by a coastal winding trail in the shade of pine trees. This beach was also awarded the Blue Flag.

Miramare beach from above

Except for the extraordinary cleanliness of the sea, you can enjoy a range of different facilities, some of which include renting deck chairs and parasols, various water sports (jet-ski, parasailing etc.), a range of restaurants, beach bars and other catering facilities.

Furthermore, due to the regulated sea entrance, this beach is ideal for the disabled and all those with mobility difficulties. 

In addition to the above-mentioned beaches, there is a small pebble beach in Kijac, which is surrounded by a pine forest and where dogs are allowed. If you are visiting Njivice in the company of your dogs, make sure to visit this beautiful beach. 

stone monument in Njivice

History of Njivice written in stone

Njivice has always been part of the Omišalj citadel, and today it is a part of Omisalj Municipality. It is assumed that the part of the island of Krk where Njivice is situated today was inhabited already in ancient times.

Njivice was mentioned for the first time in written records dating back to 1474. In the last centuries, the inhabitants of Njivice have mainly engaged in fishing, olive growing and cattle breeding, and it is no surprise that the recognizable image of Njivice was unimaginable without houses by the seafront, boats, fishing nets and crates full of fish.

monument to fishermen in Njivice

It is also interesting that Njivice is the youngest parish on the island of Krk. The parish church was built in 1905 on the site of the former church that was located here.

The first mention of Njivice in 1474 in the grant of the Frankopan counts of Krk is connected with the church that preceded today's parish church.

From this former church comes the pre-Romanesque pluteus - a stone slab from the 11th - 12th century exhibited in the parish church. It is decorated with Croatian interlace - a typical old croatian three-ribbon pattern.

Njivice just next to the sea

Why is Njivice a favorite place for holidays? 

Due to the wind-protected position and available drinking water, the Romans had their country houses in the area of Njivice. At the beginning of the 19th century, summer houses began to be built in Njivice again, and in 1930 the first hotel was built here, too.

The construction of Hotel Luka (today Hotel Adriatic) and Villa Dinka in Njivice, and were the events that marked the beginning of tourism in this small seaside place known today as a tourist center with modern accommodation facilities that are worth a visit!

The port of Njivice

If you are in the vicinity of Njivice, we advise you to take an extra evening to walk along the new waterfront that will surely leave you breathless!

Today Njivice offers a relaxing and unforgettable vacation with a wide selection of accommodation in a camping site, hotels, apartments, holiday homes and rooms in private accommodation. 

Events in Njivice

Festivals and festivities in Njivice

Fireworks, concerts of contemporary and traditional Kvarner and Croatian music, enogastronomic events, sports, cultural and other interesting events are what awaits you if you are a visitor to Njivice.

The most famous and most visited event in Njivice is the "Fireworks Rhapsody"  which is a remarkable introduction to the summer because it is organized every year in June. In addition to the "Rhapsody of Fireworks", fishermen’s parties and Mediterranean days of beer often take place in summer months.

We have selected for you some more interesting events that take place in Njivice.

FesTra - a festival of tradition through 3 weekends in May introduces you to Krk's history, culture and local customs, and also offers traditional products of the island of Krk.

At the Ice Festival in June, learn how to make ice sculptures, and you can also refresh yourself with cocktails in ice glasses.

Ice Cream Festival

Considering the confectionery tradition in Njivice, it is not surprising that the Ice Cream Festival is taking place in Njivice. It is great fun for the whole family because besides the tasting of excellent ice cream you can enjoy a whole range of animations and content for children.

In the summer, traditional fishermen parties take place in Njivice, and on September 8th, Nativity of Mary, the Parish Day is celebrated. Afterward, there is a festivity in the evening.

Lake near Njivice

Lake near Njivice and flocks of cranes

The Lake near Njivice is situated about 4 km from Njivice and only 100 m from the main island road. The 35-hectare freshwater lake is the central part of a fascinating ecosystem.

This lake is a crypto depression because its deepest point at the lowest water level is 7 m below sea level. The lake greatly contributes to the biodiversity of the island of Krk.

untouched nature of the Lake near Njivice

It is one of the most interesting ornithological areas in Southeast Europe. The lake is a paradise for bird watchers and a very important station for birds migrating to Africa and northern Europe. Large flocks of cranes numbering up to 600 birds with wingspans over 2 m are especially impressive.

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