Baška - the most famous Krk beach

The beach in Baška

Baška is the southernmost settlement on the island of Krk. It spreads along a well-known, breathtaking 2 km long pebbly beach, Vela plaža.

The beach in Baška, unique scenery and accompanying diverse tourist offer is to be credited for the fact that Baška is one of the favorite resorts in Croatia.

Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or your significant other, Baška is an ideal place for you. 

Cove Baška

Why Baška? 

  • because Baška is an ideal choice for families with children, young people and those who want an active holiday
  • because Baška has one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in Croatia
  • because of a wide selection of summer and water sports (jet ski, water slides, pedal boats, kayaks, parasailing, surfing, diving ...)
  • because you will find plenty of contents for children in Baška (aquarium, water slides, playrooms ...)
  • because in Baška you can explore a unique historical city center, a labyrinth of picturesque little streets that will surely delight you
  • because you will truly enjoy the sounds and smells of the sea on the interesting Baška promenade, which is a long promenade by the sea
  • because of many beautiful pebble beaches as well as beautiful beaches for dogs
  • because of numerous beach bars with a wide selection of cocktails and an invaluable sea view
  • because in Baška you can explore the rich cultural and historical heritage such as the Baška Tablet (Bašćanska ploča), the church of Sv. Lucia (crkva sv. Lucije), the church of St. Trinity (crkva sv. Trojstva), Native Museum (Zavičajni muzej), “mrgari” (sheep pens made of dry wall)
  • because there are numerous tourist attractions (modern zip line, the Glagolitic trail ...)
  • because of many well-tended hiking and cycling trails with beautiful belvederes all around the unique and exceptional Baška valley (the Moon Trail, the forest road to Vela and Mala Luka ...)
  • because of numerous interesting events (Black Sheep/Crna ovca, Fishermen's Parties, “Rokova”, concerts)
  • because of numerous catering facilities, bars and nightclubs

Old town streets in Baška

Beaches and Baška`s tourist tradition

Baška shares the same turbulent history as the island of Krk, and a rich tradition in tourism is certainly a significant part of Baška's history.

Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach in Baška

Tourism began developing in Baška in 1904, when Czech tourists discovered Baška and were, like its present-day visitors, enchanted by the beautiful landscape, beaches and clear waters. 

The first Czech guests came owing to the director of the Prague "People's Politics" (“Narodna politika”), Emil Geistlich. The inhabitants of Baška thanked him for it with the monument by the beach.

Beach in Baška from the sky

It was then, that the "Society for Embellishment of the Town" (“Društvo za poljepšanje grada”) was founded in Baška.

Two years later, the first hotel was opened, and in 1908, a bathing resort with bathing facility was added. 

So, Baška is well known as one of the tourist destinations with the longest tradition both on the island and elsewhere.

Therefore, it is no surprise that during the tourist season, there are ten times more people in Baška than normally.

Gravel beach in Baška

A variety of high-quality accommodation facilities, rich cultural and historical heritage, one of the most beautiful Croatian beaches, which is almost 2 km long, and many options for active vacation are assets of its tourist offer! 

Beaches in Baška 

Foamy wave in Baška

Baška is an ideal place for all those who love swimming, sunbathing and enjoying water sports.

It prides itself in thirty beautiful, clean, pebble beaches accessible on foot or by boat. In our opinion, the best of them are the following: 

Vela plaža 

Vela plaža beach in Baška

Vela plaža beach in Baška is certainly one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Croatia with a very clear sea.

The beach is completely natural, the sea is turquoise blue, and, to the delight of yachtsmen and sailors, big waves are quite common.

What makes this beach unique is its length of 1800 m. It has been awarded the Blue Flag, which marks an extremely preserved, safe and pleasant environment, the purity of the sea and beaches of top quality.

Gravel Vela plaža beach in Baška

The beach has numerous different amenities so we are sure that everyone will enjoy it.

There is a wide range of beach bars, deck chair and parasol rentals, water slides with playpens, jet-ski rentals, parasailing and many more.

Water slides on the Vela plaža beach in Baška

All those who visit Baška with their dogs will be able to enjoy a special part of the beach where dogs are allowed.

The amenities offered there include a shower, a parasol and deck chair rental, catering facilities, sports facilities and sports equipment rental.   

Vela Luka 

Vela Luka in Baška

Vela Luka beach is 6 km away from Baška, and it is impossible to reach the beach by car or some other means of transportation, but it takes a few hours of walk through the Krk karst.

Of course, this beach can also be reached from the sea side, by boat or by taxi boat.

This beautiful beach consists of fine pebbles and sand, and, although it is far from civilization, there is a restaurant, deck chair, parasol and pedal boat rental. 

Mala Luka

Mala Luka in Baška

Only a kilometer from Vela Luka beach is the beautiful cove of Mala Luka. This beach can be reached on foot or by sea and near the beach, there is the top of Corinthia which offers a beautiful view of both coves.

Corinthia is an archaeological site located between Vela and Mala luka, on a 112 meters high hill, where once there was a Byzantine fortress and where the remains of an even older settlement were found.

Unlike Vela Luka, Mala Luka has no infrastructure or amenities, so we advise you to take water, food and other necessities when visiting this beach.  

Archaeological remains near Baška

Baška's hidden bays, hiking trails and active vacations

In addition to beautiful beaches, Baška will delight you with its magnificent nature, which you will get to know best by walking along marked hiking trails.

View of Baška and the island of Prvić

Baška countryside is dominated by the number of rare and endangered plant species (endemics and relics), and the island of Krk is known for its great biodiversity and take great pride in about 1300 plant species.

The landscape's beauty and the flora's richness will be best known on one of the numerous promenades around Baška.

We certainly recommend a walk from Baška to the Moon (the nearby hill), where famous Baška mrgari (sheep pens made of dry wall) can be visited.

Take another walk to Vela and Mala Luka, which are considered one of the most beautiful coves and beaches on the island of Krk.

Baškas mrgari

Sports activities on the beach, marked hiking trails, climbing areas and the newly established Zip line will surely delight anyone looking for action and adrenaline! 

Events in Baška 

Whether you visit Baška in spring, summer or autumn,there is always a wide range of events and happenings.

From all the towns  on the island of Krk, Baška is the one that offers the most sports events, not that the cultural, enogastronomic and entertaining ones are falling behind.

With bike around Baška

Spring and autumn are dedicated to enogastronomic and sports events, while cultural and entertaining programs prevail in the summer months.

Sports events include numerous bicycling tours, organized hiking tours, fishing, etc.

One of the most famous enogastronomic events on the island and beyond, the Black Sheep (Crna ovca) takes place in Baška.

Event Black Sheep in Baška

In addition to its rich cultural and sports program, Black Sheep is a festival which is especially known for itsexclusive gastronomic offer which includes a young Baška lamb meat.

This delicacy can be tasted in catering facilities and open-air stands, opened only for this event.

Black Sheep is traditionally organized in May when Baška offers such gastronomy delicacies and an interesting entertainment program.

Black Sheep in Baška

There is also the famous Baška Outdoor Festival in October. At the Baška Outdoor Festival, you can participate in engaging sports activities in the beautiful Baška landscape.

Other events include the festival "Rokova" which is organized in Draga Bašćanska every year on 16th of August, then numerous fishermen’s parties which take place in the summer months, as well as exhibitions, performances, folklore performances and many other events.

Long history of Baška

Archaeological remains of Baška

Archaeological finds reveal that this area was inhabited already at the time of Illyrians and the remains of a Roman settlement dating back to the 2nd century BC were found.

Until the 15th century, Baška expanded on a hill above today's site, and later began to develop along the sea, ie along the most famous Krk beach. 

At one point, in the golden age of sailboats, Baška was the largest town on the island.

 Old houses in Baška

What to visit in Baška?

As for local landmarks, we would recommend visiting St Lucy's Chapel in Jurandvor, where the famous Baška Tablet is displayed, the parish Church of the Holy Trinity, the Church of St John the Baptist and the pilgrimage Church of Our Lady of Gorica on a nearby hill.

St Lucy's Chapel in Jurandvor

We want to recommend the extremely interesting Baška Glagolitic Path. The Heritage Museum of Baška and Aquarium in the town center is also worth visiting.

Glagolitic stone monument

The Baška tablet and the Glagolitic path

In Jurandvor near Baška, as part of the former Benedictine abbey, the Baška tablet, an inscription in Glagolitic from the year 1100, was found.

Baška plaque

The Baška tablet is a Croatian monument written in the Glagolitic script, which the people of Baška are especially proud of.

So it is unsurprising that the Glagolitic script inspired another well-known project from Baška, the unique Glagolitic path.

Glagolitic monument in Baška

The project's idea was to arrange sculptures along the Baška basin, each of which will represent one letter of the Glagolitic script and be placed in a place of special interest for the promotion of Baška and its surroundings.

We invite you to visit all 35 sculptures!

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