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Below you can find a large selection of apartments in private accommodation on the island of Krk. A detailed search allows you to filter the apartments according to various characteristics (capacity, amenities & destination).

The best selection of apartments on Krk island


The island of Krk has so many rental apartments to choose from that it would be almost impossible to choose between all of them. Thats why we used our detailed knowledge of every corner of Krk island, of the rental owners and of all user experiences and preferences that we collected in the past 20 years to assemble the best selection of Krk apartments, at the most convenient prices on the market. 


Here you can find just the perfect Krk apartment to satisfy all your needs and expectations. After all, you need an apartment that will give you all the comforts of your home, but also so much more. Perhaps a mesmerizing sea view, a beautiful terrace to enjoy outdoor living or maybe a balcony over a busy old town alley so you can drink your morning coffee and soak up the invigorating small-town Mediterranean atmosphere?


We made sure our selection covers Krk island apartments of all styles. So if you prefer modern decor, you wont have any problems finding the right one for you. The same is with traditional apartments in old, charming and beautifully restored stone houses. In these apartments, you can experience the true Mediterranean island life of old times. Easy, slow-paced, and relaxed, just what you need during your holiday. If you like to experience something out of the box”, then you will enjoy the quirky apartments in our selection that have an eclectic or even a retro vibe.


Can you expect modern amenities in Krk apartments?


Regardless of their decor style, most apartments have all the modern amenities. Free Wi-Fi internet is a standard in almost all of the apartments in our selection. So you can continue to have a solid connection to the online world even on your vacation. That is if and when you choose to do so, or you can turn everything off and truly relax. It is entirely up to you and its important to have options, and free Wi-Fi gives you just that. 


The same goes for air conditioning. Most of the apartments are equipped with it. So you dont have to worry about becoming too hot outside because you can find refuge in your apartment and cool down inside. Kitchens in the majority of our apartments are fully stocked with kitchen utensils, pots, cutlery, etc. In most of them, you can expect a microwave and regular oven, electric kettle, toaster, filter coffee machine, and refrigerator with freezer. Cable TV is also a standard.


Would you prefer a Krk apartment close to the beach or with a pool?


If you like staying close to the beach, we can certainly understand that. Nothing is better than sleeping with the sound of waves and waking up with the morning sea breeze. Also, there is something almost therapeutic in watching the deep blue waters from a terrace or balcony of your Krk apartment with a sea view. In our selection, we have many apartments with a sea view and close to the beach. That way, a swim in our beautiful, crystal-clear Adriatic Sea is just a few minutes away.


But a refreshing swim can even be mere seconds away if you book one of our Krk apartments with pool. They are ideal if you dont like crowded beaches and endless quests to find a free spot to put down your towel. Can you picture yourself sunbathing beside your own private pool, sipping ice tea or even cocktails, and taking a dip in the water whenever you need refreshment? Sounds absolutely fantastic, doesn’t it? 


Do you desire a peaceful vacation? Book an apartment in rural areas of Krk island


Are you a nature lover that prefers the sound of birds singing, rather than hearing the murmur of human voices? If that is the case, here you can find a fine selection of Krk island apartments that are located inland. These apartments are located in private houses in rural areas, surrounded by lush vegetation. Here you can experience the long-awaited restful and relaxing holiday. You can enjoy outdoor living in your private garden and terrace, lounging, barbecuing or engaging in sports and family activities.


On the other hand, you might enjoy the energy of the summer rush and big crowds, thus preferring to be located close to all the action? If that is the case, you may consider choosing a Krk apartment in one of the main tourist centres. The biggest of them is the city of Krk, which has so much to offer in terms of historical attractions, culture and fun for all ages. Apartments in Krk town put you in the proximity of various shops, bars, cafes and numerous activities. Just a few minutes’ walk from your centrally located apartment, you can find practically everything you need during your vacation.


Malinska is another popular tourist center that offers many beautiful beaches, different sports activities and entertaining cultural events. Malinska apartments in our offer are ideal for families with children and young people since they are close to the beaches and offer plenty of opportunities for an active and fun holiday.


Vrbnik apartments - an ideal choice for romance and families


If you are planning a romantic holiday, you should definitely check out our Vrbnik apartments. Vrbnik is a charming village known for its autochthonous wine, rich history and fascinating scenery. Because of its position on a cliff high above the sea, apartments in Vrbnik offer breathtaking panoramic sea views. Let’s see: ancient city with fascinating culture as a backdrop, a bit of good food and even more great wine, all seasoned with an astonishing panorama, and you have yourself all the ingredients for a lovely romance! 


But Vrbnik apartments are also a great choice for families because they are close to many beautiful pebble beaches. Vrbnik offers various family friendly activities, events and attractions and is also a stop for different boat tours and excursions which is very convenient if you plan to explore the island of Krk and its surroundings. 


And finally, if you are traveling with your furry friend, you are probably wondering whether there are pet friendly apartments on the island of Krk to choose from? Do not worry, in recent years, many Krk apartment owners opened their doors to pets, so our selection of pet friendly apartments has grown significantly. 


When you choose which of these pet-friendly apartments best suits your needs and preferences, you do not have to worry if there is a dog beach nearby, because all the tourist centres on the coast now have at least one dog-friendly beach. However, keep in mind that there are restrictions when it comes to the number of pets allowed. Also, all pet-friendly apartments on the island of Krk charge a daily fee for pet accommodation that ranges from 7 to 15 Euros.

Choose a private apartment on the island of Krk and enjoy the privacy and the vacation that feels like home.

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