Šilo - a relaxed family vacation

Šilo on the island of Krk

Founded in the not so distant past, Šilo is a small town on the northeastern coast of the island of Krk, on the opposite shore of Crikvenica. With about 400 inhabitants, Šilo is the largest town in the municipality of Dobrinj. It is named after the cape, a sea cliff that protects the bay from the wind.  Nearby Dobrinj, cave Biserujka and Soline, bay with healing mud are also a must-visit while you are discovering the Island of Krk.

Šilo is an ideal choice for your family vacation with well-tended sandy & pebbled beaches, a nice seaside promenade, exciting underwater and very interesting surroundings that invite you to explore.

Promenade in Šilo

Why spend your holidays in Šilo?

  • because Šilo is an ideal destination for family vacations, where you can experience the pleasure of life in a small seaside resort
  • Šilo stretches along the coast, and there is a beautiful promenade along the seafront meant for long walks with the scent of the sea
  • because of the beautiful sandy beach and several pebbled beach coves which are ideal for swimming
  • if you come with your dogs, there is a beach for pets
  • because of the interesting underwater world with the sunken Greek ship Peltasis, which is a favorite target of divers
  • because in Šilo you can be part of numerous interesting events (“Rokova”, fishermen festivals, a swimming marathon, performances, concerts, exhibitions…) 

Beaches in Šilo


Beaches in Šilo - ideal for a family vacation

The beaches in Šilo are pebble, sandy and partly with paved plateaus for sunbathing and various sports facilities. Numerous sunny, wild and secluded coves with crystal clear sea are the best tourist attraction of Šilo.

Beaches in Šilo can be explored on foot, by car or by boat, and if you find yourself on the beach near the center, a range of amenities and water sports are at your disposal. The offer includes tennis courts, beach volleyball and basketball courts and a football field; sailing, rowing, scuba diving, pedal boat rides, etc. While there, definitely pay attention to the following beaches:                     

Beach in the center of Šilo

Sandy beach Pećine in Šilo

Especially popular is the sandy beach Pećine in the center of Šilo, ideal for a family vacation.

One part of the beach in the center of Šilo is covered with sand while the other part is made of paved planks ideal for sunbathing. The sandy part of the beach is not big so in the heart of the season it becomes crowded very fast.

This beach has lot of amenities, so you can buy a variety of items in a store or at a fruit and vegetable stand. There are several bars and restaurants close to the beach. 

Beach in the camp Tiha

Beach in the camp Tiha in Šilo

Camp Tiha has its own beach with showers, and near the beach, there is a cozy bar, where you can have a cold drink. The beach is beautiful and open not only for the camp guests but also for all the other visitors who can reach the camp either on foot or by car. 

In addition to the above-mentioned beaches, near Tunera, on Šilo Cape, there is a pet-friendly beach. You will also find a dog beach near Klimno and Čižići.

Dog beach in Šilo

Beaches in the vicinity of Šilo - healing mud & hidden coves

Not far from Šilo there are some of the most beautiful and famous Krk beaches. Among them, there is a famous beach with healing mud in Soline and a sandy beach, Sveti Marek, in Risika. 

Only 7 km from Šilo, there is a unique beach Meline / Soline with healing mud. The Bay of Soline is well known for its healing mud, which is recommended for treating gout and skin disorders.

Beach Soline

Above the bay of Soline, there is Dobrinj, a picturesque city of rich history, which is also worth discovering. Do not forget to pay a visit to the cave of Biserujka, also located on the northwestern coast of the island of Krk.

Next to the Biserujka cave, there is a beautiful bay Slivanjska.

If you head south from Šilo in Vrbnik's direction, you will come across several hidden coves and beaches such as Murvenica and Petrina.

Soline bay

Events in Šilo - St. Rocco's Celebration, festivities and a swimming marathon

Visitors to Šilo can participate in different events, which mostly take place in the summer months, just like in other smaller resorts on the island of Krk.

One of these events is the main festival, which takes place every year on August 16th, and is the celebration of St. Rocco (sv. Roko), the patron saint of Šilo.

The votive procession, which starts in Polje at 7 a.m. on August 16th and moves slowly towards the church in Šilo, has become the way how the Day of St. Rocco is celebrated. St. Rocco was the saint the ancestors of today’s inhabitants of Šilo invoked during the plague epidemic.

Events in Šilo

The Day of Šilo, i.e. the celebration of St. Rocco, starts at 7 a.m., by pulling the fishing net called “migavica”, followed by preparing the catch from the fishing net and sharing it with all the visitors together with a glass of “Vrbnička žlahtina” wine. The event ends at night with a party and fireworks.

This event also includes the “Swimming Marathon Šilo – Crikvenica”, held one day before “Rokova” - the celebration of St. Rocco.  

The traditional swimming marathon Šilo - Crikvenica that starts from Šilo is held on 15.8. since 1910. The marathon's length is 3500 m, and participants need about 45 minutes to swim to the finish line.

Celebration of St. Rocco in Šilo

Other events include fishermen’s parties organized almost every week during the summer and concerts of “klapa” music (traditional a cappella singing) and Croatian pop singers.

In addition, there are numerous exhibitions, performances and workshops for children, performances of folk groups, swordsmanship and archery workshop, fire show, interactive workshops of traditional games and numerous other interesting events.

Šilo and the oldest wooden ferry on the Adriatic

Šilo is a tourist place located on the northeast side of the island of Krk opposite Riviera of Crikvenica. One of the youngest settlements on the island, it is located 26 km from the Krk Bridge.

Šilo is today known as the tourist center of the Municipality of Dobrinj, while in the past, it was a famous fishing and maritime place. One of the interesting things about Šilo is that the first ferry on the Adriatic coast sailed from Šilo to Crikvenica. For this reason, Šilo has long been a link between the island of Krk and the mainland.

Ferry Šilo - Crikvenica

The first wooden ferry on the Adriatic "Bodulka" sailed on April 12, 1959. and could carry 12 cars or 130 passengers. With a speed of 5 knots, the ferry took about 20 minutes from Šilo to Crikvenica.

In the summer, the ferry sailed 4 times a day, from Šilo to Crikvenica and back. During the summer, the ferry used to make even 13 rounds a day. In winter, the ferry sailed twice a day. Before the ferry, at the beginning of the 20th century, a much slower steamer operated on the same route, which could only transport passengers.

Today, taxi boats run from Šilo that can take you to nearby Crikvenica.

Sights in Šilo

Diving in Šilo

Šilo is a favorite destination for divers who, among other things, can visit the sunken Greek ship Peltastis. Do not miss visiting the old wooden watchpoint with ladders, which was used for tuna fishing, and the ruins of the Byzantine fortress/lookout dating from the 6th century, located at the entrance to the resort. Also visit the church of St. Nicholas (crkva sv. Nikole), built by the locals in 1900.

Not far from Šilo is the well-known bay of Soline, well known for its healing mud, which is recommended for treating gout and skin disorders. Above the bay of Soline, there is Dobrinj, a picturesque city of rich history, which is also worth discovering. Do not forget to pay a visit to the cave of Biserujka, which is also located on the northwestern coast of the island of Krk.


A watch post with a life-saving great view

Byzantine fortress in Šilo

We recommend you find the remains of a Byzantine fortress/watch post from the 6th century. You will be delighted by the great view of the nearby mainland.

Such a good view of the surroundings has been very valuable in the past for its defensive and life-saving role.


Tuna fishing in Silo fed many hungry mouths

Tuna fishing in Šilo

It is especially worth mentioning the tunera at cape Šilo, a wooden observation post with a ladder tilted over the sea.

Flocks of tuna floating close to the sea's surface were monitored from the tunera, making them easier to follow. There used to be over 40 tuneras in the northern Adriatic.

The rich tuna catch was especially celebrated with traditional festivities, and religious processions were held for tuna fishing. Tuna fishing made survival possible, even in the most demanding times.

The sunken ship Peltastis - a favorite diving attraction

The sunken ship in Šilo

Šilo is a favorite destination for divers who, among other things, can visit the sunken Greek cargo ship Peltastis. The ship sank, carried by a strong wind bora, in January 1968.

Its wreck, extremely rich in marine life, is 60 m long. It is located only 50 m from the coast between Šilo and Klimno at a depth of about 30 m. Today, the sunken ship Peltastis is a top-rated attraction for divers on the island of Krk.

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