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Top Krk Activities and Things to Do

Krk offers plenty of opportunities for your active holiday. We suggest you try fun sea activities such as sailing, diving, water sports, boat trips and finding hidden Krk beaches.

You can also discover Krk by bicycle, motorbike or quad bike. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Krk by hiking on the peaks of Krk or by running and walking through the fascinating landscapes of the island of Krk.

Read our recommendations for your active holidays on Krk and jump into action ;-).

Visiting the underwater world of the island of Krk and the nearby islands

Visiting the underwater world of the island of Krk and the nearby islands

Whether you are an experienced diver or you have just acquired diving skills, do visit at least one of the most attractive underwater locations on the island or in the immediate vicinity.

Two of the most attractive underwater locations are the sunken Greek motorboat Peltastis near Šilo, which sank more than 50 years ago, and the underwater world of the islet Plavnik, where the sunken sailboat, presumably dating back to the days of Napoleon's rule, is situated.

In addition to the mentioned locations, the island of Krk offers diving excursions to 8 nearby islands, with 40 different diving locations where all divers, from less experienced to the most experienced ones can admire the beautiful underwater world of the area. Check out available diving courses or discover scuba diving for beginners!

Exploring the Krk island by bicycles

Exploring the island by bicycles

The Island of Krk is an ideal place for cycling fans who do not separate themselves from their bicycle even when on vacation. Here, over several hundred kilometers of cycling trails, winding along the coast as well as through the inland of the island, are waiting to be discovered.

Moreover, you can set out looking for the most beautiful beaches on the islands well as the highest observation points, all of which will make your stay on the island unforgettable. For more information about the length, difficulty level and location of each cycling trail there are bike maps at your disposal and you can also download the Krk Bike App.

Krk peaks: hiking and enjoying the incredible view 

Hiking and enjoying the view from the highest points on the island of Krk

Whether you are heading towards the Moon Plateau or Vela Luka, which are situated not far from Baška, to the peaks of Obzova and Veli Vrh, or any of the other observation points of the island, there is an unforgettable view of the island of Krk and the beautiful nearby islands to enjoy all along the way.

There are plenty of amazing trails on the island. To find the best one for you, check out the hiking maps that are available or consult the Krk Hike App.

Boat trips to Krk & neighbour islands

Boat trips on the Island of Krk 

There is no shortage of excursions by boat on the island of Krk so that everyone should be able to find the perfect excursion for themselves during their stay on the island. Families with small children are recommended to go on short panoramic excursions, during which they will visit the most beautiful beaches of the island in just a few hours and take a swim there.

For those who are looking for all-day enjoyment in the sea and in the sun, there are longer panoramic excursions that include a visit to the most beautiful Krk beaches and the nearby island of Rab.

In addition, also popular are excursions by a glass-boat (a boat with a glass bottom) from Malinska, a ride with a taxi boat to the most beautiful beaches on the eastern side of the island of Krk, which begins in Vrbnik, then night fishing, an excursion to the island Goli otok and many others boat trips.

Discovering the secluded beaches of the island of Krk

Discovering the secluded beaches of the island of Krk

Looking for a perfect beach? A walk, a car ride or a motorcar ride is what it takes to go - look for and discover the most beautiful beaches of the island of Krk.

There are many beautiful beaches on the island, and everyone should be able to find the ideal one for themselves, whether they prefer sand, pebble or rocky beaches or rocky plateaus. If you are looking for your perfect beach read our article about the best Krk beaches.

Sailing on Krk

Sailing on the Island of Krk

Experienced and less experienced yachtsmen can enjoy individual and group sailing trips starting from Marina Punat. Experienced sailors can rent a sailboat for a day or more, and anyone a little less skilled in sailing can enjoy a half-day or full-day sailing accompanied by experienced skippers.

For beginners in sailing, two-day and four-day sailing basics courses are organized. There are also advanced sailing navigation courses as well as an intensive sailing course.

Enjoying water sports

Water sports on the Island of Krk

Almost all coastal resorts on the island offer a wide variety of amenities and water sports. The standard offer in Baška, Punat, Krk and Njivice includes renting deck chairs and parasols, pedal boats and kayaks, Jet Ski and speedboat rentals, water slides and parasailing.

Zip line: experience Krk from the birds-eye perspective 

Krk - view from above

Numerous viewpoints of Krk, which are accessible on foot or by bike or motorbike, offer an unforgettable view of the island. Why wouldn't you try out zipline - a walk among the treetops?

In addition to zip line, for boosting your adrenaline, go parasailing in Njivice, Malinska, Krk, Punat and Baška.

Walking and running in nature on Krk hiking trails

Walking and running on the Island of Krk

The Island of Krk is known for its wonderful natural beauties that will be on your mind even long after returning home. There are many ways of experiencing the natural beauties of the island. Walking and running in nature may be one of the best ways to get to know and love every corner of this beautiful island.

Discovering the island of Krk by a motorbike or quad

Adventurers and fans of an active vacation are invited to rent a motorbike or a quad and to discover the most beautiful and the most attractive spots on the island on two or four wheels. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun rays on your skin, wet from sea drops, and create memories you will forever treasure. And maybe you will also be interested in a guided Krk offroad adventure?

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