Kornić - active vacation close to nature

Kornić on the island of Krk

Kornić is an ideal choice for guests seeking peace and quiet, idyllic nature and beautiful beaches with plenty to do. Kornić is the ideal starting point for discovering the island, because all the major towns on the island are truly within reach starting from Kornić.

Why Kornić ? 

  • because Kornić is the perfect place for those who dream of a peaceful vacation in nature, while also wanting to enjoy the vicinity and availability of bigger cities on the island and all the sights of the island of Krk
  • because Kornić is home to one of the beaches with the best selection of amenities and water sports
  • because there you can taste and buy local eco products such as olive oil, homemade honey, sheep cheese and skuta (dry curd cottage cheese)
  • because of interesting marked pedestrian and cycling trails that pass through centuries-old olive groves
  • because of numerous interesting events (“Jakovljeva”, “Fešta od presnaci”, organized bike tours ...)
  • if you are looking for beaches with lots of sports facilities, close to nature and in a great position for exploring the whole island, Kornić is a great choice for you!

Village Kornić near Krk city

Kornić is a small village on the island of Krk with approx. 350 residents, located about 6 km from the town of Krk and 3 km from Punat. Kornić has a beautiful view of the bay of Punat and the islet Košljun with a Franciscan monastery. Kornić was first mentioned in a written document in 1503, in the 19th century, the village has grown rapidly and in the year 1865 a new parish church of St. James was built. Kornić has a shop, bakery, post office, cafe and restaurant - tavern.

Beach Dunat near Kornić


Beaches in Kornić

The center of Kornić is approx. 500 meters from the beach Dunat where there is a restaurant, diving center, ski lift and beach volleyball.

Dunat beach is located in Punt Bay which is protected from the wind. Therefore, on the beach Dunat, the sea is always pleasantly warm.

The beach Dunat near Kornić is certainly one of the beaches on the island of Krk, which offers the largest range of amenities.

Part of the Dunat beach is covered with pebbles while the rest is partially rocky and partly covered with paved plateaus. There is also a small breakwater ideal for jumping.

Due to the numerous facilities on the beach, accessibility, a large parking lot and excellent entrances to the sea, Dunat is a favorite beach for families with small children and teenagers. The beach Dunat is also popular among active vacation and water sports lovers.

Wakeboarding on Dunat

From the classic amenities, this beach offers a designated swimming area, parking spaces, a diving center, a bar, a restaurant, a kiosk, deck chair and parasol rentals, showers, changing rooms and a public toilet.

Water sports enthusiasts and those who want an active vacation can have fun on water slides, playing beach volleyball, diving and wakeboarding, and, because of the waves and the wind, this beach is often the favorite spot by surfers and sailors. 

You will be especially delighted by the view of the island of Košljun, Punat and the Prniba peninsula. The sunsets on the Dunat are truly magical.

Be sure to visit the small church of St. Dunat from the 12th century, which is located next to the beach and after which this beach got its name.

Island of Košljun


Events in Kornić

Numerous events that take place in Kornić are mostly held during the spring and summer months.

During the spring months, olive groves, hiking and cycling trails become the site of many sports events aimed at exploring the natural beauty of the island on two wheels.

In addition to the sports events, the summer months bring numerous exhibitions, happenings and other events of cultural and entertainment character.

The most famous of them is “Jakovlja”, the feast of St. Jakob, Kornić's patron saint.  A celebration in honor of St. Jacob (sv. Jakov) takes place every year in July (on July 25th). The celebration begins with the morning mass, followed by a series of cultural events that last until the evening. The evening is reserved for an entertainment program,which lasts until late at night.

Festival of presnaci (Fešta od presnaci) in Kornić

In addition to the festivities that are being celebrated in honor of St. Jacob, Kornić is also famous for the Festival of presnaci (Fešta od presnaci), a traditional Croatian cake, which has been held every June since 2005.

The whole day is dedicated to “presnaci”, the traditional local pastry, which has found its well-deserved place on the menus of catering facilities all over the island of Krk. We certainly advise you to visit this Festival and taste this delicious traditional cake.

Presnac - a Krk cheesecake is made from only a few ingredients - young sheep cheese, sugar, flour, egg yolks and water, with a bit of grated lemon zest.


St. Donatus church on the island of Krk


Sights in Kornić

Among the cultural and historical heritage and sights, which are worth visiting, are the parish church of St. Jacob (župna crkva sv. Jakova), an Ethnic-house and a unique small church of St. Donatus (crkvica sv. Dunata), which is said to have been built as a solar calendar in the 12th century.

Although the date of the construction of St. Donatus church cannot be determined with certainty, it is one of the most important monuments of old Croatian architecture besides the churches in Nin and Zadar.

In 1503 Kornić was mentioned for the first time in the written records of the diocese of Krk, and then again in 1519 in the written records of Pope Leo X.

In the 19th century the village grew rapidly, and in 1865 a new parish church of St. Jacob (župna crkva sv. Jakova) was built and is definitely worth visiting. 

More about the history of Kornić and the traditional way of life on the island can be inspected during a visit to the Ethno house. 

The inhabitants of Kornic cultivate the tradition of sheep farming and olive growing so you can taste and buy local authentic sheep products, olive oil and homemade honey, which are highly appreciated and widely known.

Olive groves near Kornić

You can experience the unique atmosphere of the ancient olive groves on marked hiking and cycling trails in Kornić and its surroundings. For all those looking for an active holiday, there is also a jogging track.

The hiking trails near Kornic offer a breathtaking view of Bay of Punat and the small island of Košljun with its Franciscan monastery.

If you are in Kornić,  find out more about its history, culture and tradition and feel invited to explore the nearby Krk and Punat as well as the islet of Košljun.

Kornić is an ideal choice for those who are looking for rest and peace, beautiful beaches with lots of amenities as well as idyllic nature with numerous marked hiking and cycling trails.

In addition, Kornić is an ideal starting point for discovering the rest of the island because all the larger towns and cities are within reach from there.

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