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Tailored Team Building: Krk Island & surrounding regions

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With 20 years of experience in tourism, travel agency Mare Tours is your reliable team-building organizer. Croatia is an ideal destination for team-building activities, especially on the Island of Krk and the surrounding regions.

This beautiful part of Croatia offers so many wonderful possibilities, and every team will find many interesting options to incorporate into their fun team-building activities.

Before organising your team-building event, we will get to know your business, your wishes and preferences, and your budget to suggest the best options and team-building experiences available on the island of Krk and its surroundings.

Whatever kind of team you have, be it a large corporate organization, a smaller business team, an association, a children's organization, or a class, we have many great options and combinations available.

We will take care of your accommodation, transportation, dining arrangements and, of course, the best part - the team-building activities that will strengthen the bond between your team members and also be the source of great memories.

You can read about various options for these team-building experiences below, but since every team is different, each of our team-building tours is unique and custom-tailored to suit the needs of each team perfectly.

The Island of Krk and its surroundings is an excellent destination for team-building activities


Krk, also called the Golden Island, is a great choice for your team-building activities. It is easily accessible and offers a variety of team-building options and many accommodation styles.

Your team will love the Island of Krk's amazing nature, pleasant climate and diversity.

There are various fun team-bonding activities that you can enjoy on Krk, from outdoor activities like kayaking and quad rides to indoor activities like cooking classes.

Krk is a convenient destination for visiting stunning neighboring regions like Lika, Gorski Kotar, and Istra.
Combining their top team-building activities can create a unique and extraordinary experience for your team, as these regions are all very different yet close by.

For example, in Lika, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as biking and hiking through its rugged terrain or visit the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park. Gorski Kotar offers exciting rafting and canyoning experiences, while Istra has many historical attractions to explore.

You can choose from plenty of places and activities when planning a team-building event in Krk and surrounding regions. 


Wine & Dine in extraordinary places for team-building events

Fine dining on Krk

On the island of Krk, you will find many restaurants & taverns. According to your team preferences, you can have lunch or dinner or even a working breakfast at the beginning of your team-building activities.

If you want a private fine dining experience for your team, a luxury pool villa might be a good choice. Perhaps your team would love to have private dining in one of the famous Krk attractions? An interesting choice, for example, is the former dining room of the Benedictine monastery.

Or imagine a beautiful boat ride along the coast of Krk or neighbouring islands while enjoying delicious, refreshing catering for your team.

Another lovely option is a picnic in nature.

One thing is sure: your team will certainly love exploring the farm-to-table local delicacies of the island of Krk.

From olive oil and cheeses to fish and vegetables – the island of Krk offers a veritable bounty of delicious foods that can be used for your team-building event.

You can also take your team on a guided tour through the local family cheese farm or a prosciutto factory.

You might consider a hands-on cooking class where teams get to prepare their own meals or even a culinary competition between teams.

Wine tasting on Krk

A guided wine tasting or a wine evening in several local wineries is also a fine choice to spend a memorable evening with your team.

A chef's table experience in selected restaurants or extraordinary places of your choice is always a great option, especially for smaller teams.

Why not try a themed dining event? Make your event truly unique with a themed dining experience - choose a chic or funny theme to give your evening some creative flair!

In Krk, Kvarner, and Istria, you can savor the delights of the traditional Mediterranean diet. We also recommend discovering the tastes of our neighbouring mountain regions, Gorski kotar and Lika.

So, enjoy the hearty and healthy diet of Gorski Kotar, especially the fruits of the mountains and game specialties and even frog legs.

On the other hand, Lika is widely known for Lika potatoes and lamb baked under peka (a special bell-shaped lid) and a variety of cheese specialities. In Lika, you might want to visit the craft brewery Ličanka and try the fantastic Velebit beer.


Team building on the sea & rivers

Rafting on Kupa river

Team building on the sea is a great way to bring your team together. You can choose from different boat trips, sailing courses, or even try discover scuba diving or sea kayak racing.

The open waters of Krk Island are perfect for team-building games and activities. Its crystal clear blue waters, stunning views and great winds make it the perfect spot for a team-building adventure.

If your team is more adventurous, why don't you dive into the thrilling world of windsurfing or wakeboarding?

If you're in a smaller group, why not try a fun and exciting sea-fishing tour or have a competition to see who catches the biggest catch?

A popular team-building activity on the sea is to rent a boat for your team. So your team can have a whole boat at their disposal and choose a perfect itinerary for an unforgettable, relaxed day on the sea. You can visit our neighbouring islands Cres, Rab and Pag or discover uninhabited little islands around Krk like Plavnik, Prvić and ex-prison islands Goli otok and Grgur.

How about live music and delicious catering on the boat?

Another great idea is a party boat with a DJ - a great way to spend an evening with your team members.

Rafting is also an excellent water sport for team building, of course not on the sea, but on the river Kupa, only about 80 km from Krk. Rafting on the river Kupa can be a great add-on for your team-building program on Krk. You would undoubtedly appreciate visiting the beautiful nature of the Gorski Kotar region.


Outdoor team-building activities on Krk Island

Krk Island offers plenty of outdoor activities and adventures.

You can have a guided hiking tour, try rock climbing and biking, and, along the way, explore the natural beauty of Krk Island with your team.

Smaller groups always appreciate the thrill of horseback riding!

Quad Safari is also an exceptional choice for team-building activities on Krk. You can explore the island’s hidden gems in small teams while riding a quad bike. A quad safari treasure hunt is also a team-building activity your team will love.

If you want something more extreme, why not try a zip-line tour?

Another fun, adrenaline-packed option for team-building games is Go Kart racing. Krk Go Kart is great if your team members enjoy the smell of gasoline and burned tires. They can have an unforgettable ride while wearing protective gear and race against each other.

Outdoor escape games for your team in old towns' labyrinths on Krk Island

Outdoor escape games are also an excellent way to learn more about your destinations and, at the same time, engage in fun team-building games.

Your team will have to work together to solve puzzles and find the clues while discovering the old town's labyrinth. Competition between a few teams makes these outdoor escape games even more enjoyable.

Your team will learn more about the local culture & tradition. It is an excellent way to practice communication and problem-solving skills within the team. You can also enjoy the fresh air while exploring the picturesque old town centers on the island of Krk.


Lika & Gorski kotar - mountain regions so close and so great for outdoor team-building events

Lika and Gorski kotar are mountain areas ideal for outdoor team-building activities in untouched nature. Here, you can enjoy kayaking on mountain rivers, cycling or quad biking in river valleys, and hiking off the beaten track in national parks. In Lika, you can even fly at a speed of up to 120 km/h on one of the longest zip lines in Europe.

In addition to activities in breathtaking landscapes, Lika and Gorski kotar are also home to excellent adrenaline parks with diverse team-building activities.


Enjoy indoor team-building activities on Krk

Wine tasting as an indoor team building activity

You can enjoy plenty of indoor activities on Krk if you prefer something more relaxed.

You can visit a spa and enjoy relaxing wellness treatments with your team or have a wine-tasting evening in the local winery.

A cooking class and a meal with your team can be part of your team-building program or a backup option for a rainy day. This also applies to board-game tournaments, archery tournaments, human chess, or active listening games. Indoor team-building games are an excellent way to encourage teamwork and build bonds between team members.

Tent events on Krk

You might want to organize a tent event for bigger teams, perhaps for a live concert. Imagine a high-quality tent in splendid surroundings - on the beach or in the curated olive garden overlooking the sea. Add some amazing music, and here you go - a team event you and your colleagues will never forget!


Enjoy Budget-Friendly Team Building Fun!

Krk is the perfect destination for a budget-friendly team-building event. You can enjoy plenty of activities on Krk without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Krk has various accommodation options available to suit any budget.

Of course, on Krk, you can also get luxury high-end team-building activities and spoil your team with extravagant experiences.


Fun team - building activities for kids & school groups

team-building for kids & school groups

Need to spark some team spirit in your class? Forge stronger relationships among your students, teachers, and staff with engaging team-building activities.

Teamwork is the key! Helping, playing, having fun and learning life skills with friends – that's what inspires kids to reach new heights through team bonding activities!

From friendly competition to collaborative problem-solving, there’s something for everyone. The island of Krk has numerous fun activities for kids and young adults, and we can tailor a memorable team-building tour that will be exciting, valuable and unforgettable.


Krk - a popular destination for congress tourism

Krk is a popular destination for congress tourism due to its wide array of accommodation options and easy accessibility. The hotels in Krk, Malinska & Baška have congress halls that can accommodate up to 350 people, making it an ideal place for business meetings and events.

Of course, there are also smaller congress halls for 20 - 75 persons.

The beautiful nature, diversity and rich tradition of the island of Krk can perfectly complement your business meeting or event.

Various team-building activities are a great way to enrich your business events or meetings on Krk.


The Benefits of Team-Building Activities

Teambuilding Vorteile

Team building activities are an important part of any organization, regardless of size or industry. They help foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation between team members while providing a fun and engaging way to build relationships.

Team building activities can also help to increase morale, boost employee engagement, and develop problem-solving skills and strategic thinking. In addition, they can be used as a tool for recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members.

Team building activities provide an opportunity for employees to increase their understanding of each other and encourage teamwork.

Through these activities, team members learn about each other’s interests and strengths, which can help them work together more effectively.

Additionally, team-building exercises provide the perfect environment for brainstorming new ideas and solutions to problems.

Team building activities can also help to improve communication between team members. Employees can practice their communication skills in a safe and supportive environment through these activities. This helps to create an atmosphere of openness and understanding, which can lead to more productive conversations.


How to plan a team-building event?

To get the most out of your team-building event, first set your goals and define the budget for the team-building event.

When choosing team-building activities for your group, it's essential to consider the location, the size of the group and the time available.

Pick activities that your team will love - it's a must! After all, you don’t want to waste time on an activity no one will enjoy.

Your team deserves the best! That is why Mare Tours will provide you with the top options for accommodation, transportation, dining and team-building activities.

If you only need specific segments for team building - for example, team building activities and wine & dine experiences, we are here for you and will adjust everything to the needs of your team.

Our vast experience and extensive knowledge of the island of Krk and its surroundings make us a reliable partner for your team’s new adventure. We will make sure that your team-building activities go according to plan and that you have an unforgettable experience for years to come.

Contact us today, and let´s create your unique, fully tailored team-building adventure.

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