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We have prepared for you the best selection of Krk tours, excursions and experiences appropriate for all ages and preferences, all with reliable and experienced operators.

The island of Krk and the surrounding regions Lika and Gorski kotar offer so much to see and do. We would like you to experience these destinations in the best possible way that will suit your needs, interests and priorities.

Choose the Krk tours and excursions that you like best, book them easily online through our website and start enjoying yourself. We offer you continuous support during the booking process, before and during the activity so you can relax and fully appreciate every minute of it.



Krk tours by boat and other marine activities 


The most popular excursions amongst the visitors of our island are Krk tours by boat. This is not surprising because there is no better way to discover the stunning coast and the surroundings of our beautiful island. You can reach the best beaches hidden in distant coves and bays and swim alone or with just a handful of other people. 


If you are a family with kids, we have an excellent selection of boat trips ideal for children. Your kids will be trilled to learn that we have mermaids on Krk island! Is there anyone that does not like mermaids? Kids certainly love them, so you can take a semi-submarine to visit the underwater park, experience a close encounter with a mermaid and have an excellent family trip.


Another great family-friendly Krk tour is the Panoramic Ride on a Glass Bottom Boat. Undoubtedly, your children will enjoy this panoramic ride on a glass-bottom boat. The trip starts in the port of Malinska. During this lovely boat tour, you can observe this beautiful part of the island's underwater world, and its flora and fauna.


Families also very much enjoy the Eco panoramic boat ride. This special boat trip gives your family the opportunity to experience the exceptional biodiversity of the island of Krk and the neighboring islands Plavnik and Kormat. You can swim on the beautiful remote beaches and in the famous blue cave on the island of Plavnik. The griffon vulture habitat, where this almost extinct species nests is the highlight of this exceptional tour that will leave your family full of impressions and great memories.


There are also many options for private boat trips like the taxi boat trip to hidden beaches and various fun activities like Sea Kayaking, Sailing Courses or Scuba Diving.



Gourmet tours of the island of Krk


All foodies will be delighted with the island of Krk. We have several produce that are so special that they are protected by the EU. You can choose from many options to explore, taste and get to know the fantastic flavors of our local wines and delicious food. You will definitely appreciate tasting as many as 7 local wines and visiting the cellar in Vrbnik on the island of Krk. This way you can learn all about the most famous Vrbnik beverage, Vrbnička žlahtina, but also about wines in general and their characteristics.


Another famous symbol of the island of Krk is the "liquid treasure" - olive oil. Combine active and gastronomic activities in tasting our premium and award-winning olive oils and tour of olive groves during which you will learn interesting facts and stories about olives. Krk olive oil tasting in the olive grove overlooking the sea on the other hand gives you the opportunity to visit a unique olive grove above the sea.


Krk sheep cheese is an autochthonous island cheese and one of our most recognizable produce. You can get to know the method of cheese production, taste and buy the products during our trip to visit the family cheese farm and sheep cheese tasting.


If you select our organized tour tasting of prosciutto and other Krk delicacies, you will learn why the Krk prosciutto is so famous and exquisite. The tour of the prosciutto factory will reveal the recipe, production technology and the secret behind its sensational taste.


If you like pasta, you should get to know our famous šurlice, traditional homemade pasta that pairs well with beef and lamb stew, and other sauces. Learn to make them in our course school of making šurlica and you can enjoy them even when you return home.



Active and adventurous Krk tours


If you have an adventurous spirit and you are not satisfied only with swimming and sunbathing all day long, we’ve got you covered. You might enjoy exploring the island of Krk’s landscapes and magnificent natural beauties in a more adventurous manner with our Krk quad off-road adventure. Drive the quad under the supervision of our experienced guides and discover hidden parts of the island, small picturesque villages and beautiful nature.


If you enjoy an occasional adrenaline rush, do not miss our tour of the island of Krk from a slightly different perspective."Walk among the Treetops" is one of the most popular adventure activities on Krk. With 8 cables totaling 2.400 m in length, Zipline Edison offers unforgettable panoramic views of the island’s landscape. A ride in a military jeep will add to the unique experience of this memorable Krk tour.


A great option for an adventurous experience is rafting on the river Kupa. This fascinating, powerful and diverse river springs only 20 km from the island of Krk. This rafting trip is available with various options, from more demanding, to those adequate for families with small children, and they are all exciting and unforgettable.



Tours, trips and excursions in nature


If you like activities in nature and forests, you can explore beautiful national parks in the mountain areas of Gorski kotar. Our recommendation is the tour of the Risnjak National Park with an expert guide. During the 4 hours of this tour you will have the opportunity to make the most of the time spent in the park and get to know Risnjak extremely well.


Another great family-friendly tour is the guided tour of Zeleni vir and Vražji prolaz. You should definitely visit these places of exceptional natural beauty, that are also located in the Gorski Kotar region. This very content-rich family trip provides a whole range of attractions. You will see an impressive canyon, cave, waterfall, lake, a technological monument in the form of a hydroelectric power plant, a picnic area and a playground for children. It is a private tour for a maximum of 8 people, either a family or a group.


Lika is another fascinating region close to the island of Krk. It is the birthplace of one of world's greatest inventors, Nikola Tesla. Here you will find dense forests, numerous rivers and lakes and altogether beautiful and magnificent nature. Such impressive beauty and so many wonderful places to see are best experienced through our self-guided trip Tesla inspired journey through Lika. Through a four-day journey at your own pace, you can get to know the world that inspired the great Tesla. We, on the other hand will take care of all the technical details. 



Culture and heritage tours


When it comes to culture and heritage, the island of Krk is a real gem. You can find impressive sights at every corner of the old towns of Vrbnik, Baška, Krk, Omišalj and Dobrinj. 


You will certainly enjoy visiting the old town of Krk, one of the oldest inhabited places on the Croatian territory. The walk through the historic city center will offer you unforgettable views of various sights from ancient times to more modern history. Like the Kamplin square, in the past the center of all city events. Here you can visit the Frankopan castle, a landmark of medieval heritage, the cathedral of Krk and the church of St. Quirinus. If you want to be sure you will not miss anything interesting and important, you can book our private city tour of Krk with a local guide.


Vrbnik is also one of the oldest places on the island of Krk, dating back to the early Stone Age. It is located at the top of the fifty-meter-high cliff above the sea, which offers unforgettable views. The old city center of Vrbnik will be enjoyed by all lovers of history and old Mediterranean architecture. Amongst other beauties, here you can discover the street Klančić, the narrowest street in the world.


Close by you can visit a fascinating historical landmark, the Vitezić Family Library. It includes a reconstructed wooden Renaissance printing press, an ethnographic collection and a valuable collection of genuine articles, Glagolitic manuscripts and books. For real inside knowledge and the possibility to experience this ancient town to the fullest, book our private tour of Vrbnik with a guide.


Baška is another charming old town, interesting for its numerous cultural and historical monuments and its Glagolitic trail. The easiest and most comfortable way of discovering Baška is with our local guide.


If you need help choosing the Krk tours that will best suit your interests and needs, feel free to contact us, we are here for you.

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