Tour of Risnjak National Park with an expert guide

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  • Duration: 4 hours
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    Why choose a tour of the Risnjak National Park with an expert guide?
    • because you will get to know the Risnjak National Park in the best way and make the most of the time spent in the park
    • because you will safely enjoy the amazing natural beauties of Risnjak


To make the best use of your time in the Risnjak National Park, we definitely recommend that you visit the park accompanied by an expert guide who will introduce you to the park in the best possible way.

The planned tour route, paths you will take through the park, should be agreed in advance, as the meeting point with the tour guide also depends on it. The local tour guide can suggest a change to the planned route, taking into account the current weather conditions and safety.

The expert guides who will accompany you on your way through Risnjak love and know the park extremely well. They are very engaged and you will experience Risnjak with them in a special way!

Below we have selected a few suggestions for a tour of the Risnjak National Park, accompanied by an expert guide.

  • The Leska educational trail is a great way to get to know Risnjak and it will take you approximately 2 hours of walking. On this easy circular trail accompanied by an expert guide, you will enjoy the numerous karst phenomena and the magnificent nature of Risnjak.
  • Hiking to the source of the Kupa river - it is possible to choose 2 options.

A steep path from the village Razloge to the spring and back about 1.5 hours

The trail to the spring from Razloge starts near a large parking lot and info point next to the Gorski kotar House of Knowledge's visitor center. The road to the Kupa source descends first more gently, and then steeply, crossing the Krašićevica canyon at the bottom. The canyon is passable most of the year, but during heavy rains and in the spring, because of the snow melting, it swells and due to large amounts of water, it is an obstacle when visiting the source of the Kupa, only 5 minutes away.

It takes about half an hour to get to the spring and twice as long to return due to the climb. This medium demanding trail's total length is 1820 m, and the height difference is -229 m. The trail is available all year round.

The trail from the village Hrvatsko to the spring and back about 4 hours on the easiest terrain

This trail starts in Hrvatsko, a village on the border with Slovenia, on the river's right side looking upstream. The first part of the trail to the village of Kupari is called the Fishing Trail. It follows the course of the river all the way and has several rest areas. From Kupari, a macadam road leads through the hamlets of Kupari srednji and gornji. In Kupari gornji, there is another visitor center - the Birth House of the Kupa River.

The trail continues straight through a meadow that at the end crosses the Sušica canyon (also occasionally swollen). After the pedestrian bridge, you cross to the river Kupa's left side (looking upstream). By the end, the trail ascends and descends through the canyon to the river Kupa's very source. This is an easy trail with a minimum height difference, available all year round.

  • Guided trails towards the peak Veliki Risnjak

Veliki Risnjak is recognizable by its white rocks. From the top of 1528 m, you will enjoy an unforgettable view of the Kvarner islands, Istria and the Alps in Slovenia.

The easiest way to reach Risnjak is via Gornji Jelenje along the Vilje - Veliki Risnjak and Lazac - Risnjak trails. For the Vilje - Risnjak trail, you will need about an hour in one direction, the total length is 3145 m, and the height difference is 362 m. The trail is easy to medium demanding and is passable in spring, summer and autumn.

The Lazac - Risnjak trail starts on the Lazac mountain meadow, passes through mountain spruce forests, eventually becomes steeper and turns from a wide forest trail into a narrow hiking trail. For this easy to medium demanding trail, you will need about 1 hour and 15 minutes in one direction, the height difference is 471 m, and the trail is passable in spring, summer and autumn.

Risnjak can also be reached by trails from the direction of Crni Lug. These trails are a bit more demanding, their height difference is 838 m and it is necessary to set aside about 3 hours in one direction.

  • Guided trails towards Snježnik

Snježnik is located northwest of Risnjak at an altitude of 1506 m and is recognizable by beautiful, lush mountain meadows.

It will take you about an hour to get to Snježnik from the direction of Platak. The trails are moderately demanding, and depending on the route, the height difference is 391 - 449 m.
It is a great idea to visit Snježnik and Risnjak together. Between Risnjak and Snježnik, there is a large mountain meadow Lazac.

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    • Meeting with an expert guide in the Risnjak National Park at a pre-arranged time.
    • A 4-hour tour according to your interests and current weather conditions.

What's included

  • Guide

Important information

    • The entrance ticket is required to tour the Risnjak National Park (not included in the price).
    • For a tour of Risnjak, we recommend comfortable shoes and clothes.
    • Bring water, a backpack with refreshments and a camera - the vistas that await you are unforgettable and you will surely want to immortalize them.
    Payment information:
    • For the reservation to be valid, it is necessary to make a payment by card via the payment link in the next half hour.
    • If your payment link has expired, you can make a new reservation for the desired excursion/activity.
    • Payment is made by credit card (Mastercard & Visa & Maestro).
    • If you have difficulties paying by card, you can pay for the excursion/activity in cash at our reception: Mare Tours, Vrbnik, Trg sv. Ivana 8.
    • If the organizer has to postpone the booked excursion/experience, guests can receive the paid amount back or accept an alternative date.
  • For this excursion, a special cancellation policy applies - cancellation less than two days’ notice - no refund.

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