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Taste Krk – gastronomic journey across the island of Krk

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  • Duration: 7 days
  • Transportation: Car
    • enjoy the richness of flavors and aromas of traditional Krk delicacies
    • through carefully selected experiences and tastings experience the authentic island of Krk


Welcome to the enchanting Island of Krk! Besides the diverse landscape, clean sea and attractive beaches, Krk offers you many other unique experiences. Join us and experience the island of Krk with all your senses and enjoy the richness of taste and aroma of traditional and delicious delicacies of superb local cuisine!

Explore and book your 7-day gourmet trip to the island of Krk "Taste Krk" with exciting adventures for every day. If you wish, you can choose only some of the experiences we present below in the trip itinerary and create your own program and book your favorite tastings online. You can also choose accommodation from our rich offer. 

This is a tailor-made self-drive trip - which means you drive your car and adjust the trip to your own pace. We make sure that Taste Krk trip highlights the best gourmet experiences on the Island of Krk – so that you can maximize your time and enjoy your vacation. We take care of the technical details of your trips and provide a safety net should you need any assistance.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover the centuries-old olive groves and taste the top-quality olive oil made on the island of Krk. Indulge yourself in a night-time trawling trip and savor the taste of freshly caught and prepared fish. 

You can also have fun while learning how to make šurlice - a traditional pasta from the island of Krk, a delicacy with a wonderful taste.

A visit to pršutana (prosciutto manufacturing facility) includes the tasting of “Krčki pršut”, the Krk prosciutto and sheep cheese and is followed by visiting Vrbnik and the story about the local wine “Vrbnička žlahtina”.

While discovering the rich tastes of the island of Krk, you will also experience the island through its rich cultural heritage. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to take a guided tour and visit all the small towns on the island of Krk as well as the island of Košljun.

We encourage you to enjoy the distinctive landscape of the island and climb Obzova and Veli Vrh hilltops, either on your own or accompanied by a guide – it gives you an ideal opportunity to inhale the scent of lavish aromatic plants that are abundantly used in Krk cuisine. 

We have prepared for you a series of carefully selected proposals to enjoy the delicacies of Krk gastronomy. Embark on a gastronomic journey, book a gourmet tour Taste Krk and enjoy it!

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Day 1

Krk Town - private sightseeing tour with a local guide

With a local guide, you will discover many secrets that the town of Krk and its extremely rich past hides. Enjoy!  The town of Krk is the largest settlement on the island of Krk and at the same time one of the oldest towns in the region Kvarner. We can say that the town of Krk has been...
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Guided Tour of Prosciutto Factory and Tasting of Krk Delicacies

This lavish tasting of Krk delicacies can be served as both, for lunch or dinner, and the guided tour of the manufacturing facility as well as the story about the Krk prosciutto will certainly arouse interest of all visitors regardless of their age. Take this unique opportunity to learn a lot...
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Day 2

A visit to the family cheese farm and Krk sheep cheese tasting

Take this unique opportunity to visit a small family cheese farm, taste Krk cheese in all its variants and enjoy the Krk delicacies!  The island of Krk is known for its biodiversity - a large number of aromatic and medicinal plants that grow here. This is also evident in the rich taste of Krk...
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Day 3

Wine evening in Vrbnik - 9 wines in 3 wineries & Krk delicacies

This is an ideal excursion for all wine & dine enthusiasts who will take this wine & dine tour to taste the local white wine žlahtina and learn all there is about its characteristics and production. The grapes this wine is made of grow only in Vrbnik on the island of Krk. In addition, you...
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Day 4

Fishing and dinner on board under the stars

Moonlit open sea, opportunity to see how a trawl net is used in the same way as the fishermen from the island have been using it for centuries and a delicious dinner from fresh-caught fish are all part of this exceptional excursion.  Those who love the sea and love fishing as well as...
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Day 5

Baška - private walking tour with a local guide

We invite you to discover Baska with a local guide and learn a lot about local customs and legends. You will enjoy the fascinating old town, which you will see with completely different eyes after this walk.  You will also encounter Glagolitic letters - glagolitic sculptures that have been...
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Visit to the local Krk beekeeper and sage honey tasting

With the prior announcement, it is possible to visit local Krk beekeepers where you have the opportunity to taste and buy top quality Krk sage...
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Day 6

Vrbnik - private old town tour with a local guide

Discover why Vrbnik is one of the most visited towns on the island of Krk. With a local guide you will discover the rich past of Vrbnik. You will be amazed by the picturesque streets and squares of the old town. Each stone tells a story of its own, and we are here to tell the fascinating...
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Homemade pasta Šurlice making class and tasting

We have prepared for you a šurlice pasta making class and then šurlice tasting. You will surely enjoy the šurlice pasta making class - you will be taught how to make šurlice and have a great time regardless of your age - it will be fun for the whole family. After...
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Day 7

Krk olive oil tasting in the olive grove overlooking the sea

Visit a well-groomed olive garden with a beautiful view of the sea and the bay of Punat. In a pleasant atmosphere, you will enjoy an introduction about olives and olive oil. You will also be tasting oils with toasted bread, salted fish and cheese with a glass of wine. This is a great...
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What's included

  • Entrance ticket
  • Guide
  • Boat ride
  • Presentation
  • Food
  • Drinks

Important information

  • Payment information:
    • If the date of the booked excursion/experience is the same as the reservation date, the total amount must be paid immediately by credit card in order to confirm the reservation. 
    • If the date of the booked excursion/experience is the next day, ie one day after the reservation date, the payment must be made on the reservation date until 20:00. 
    • For all other dates, the payment must be made 24 hours from the moment of reservation. 
    • Payment is made by credit card (Mastercard & Visa & Maestro)
    • In case the organizer has to postpone the booked excursion/experience, guests have the choice to receive the paid amount back or to accept an alternative date.
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Homemade pasta Šurlice making class and tasting

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Krk olive oil tasting in the olive grove overlooking the sea

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from 17.36 €

Fishing and dinner on board under the stars

Map pin Punat
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from 50.00 €

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