Malinska - a favorite summer resort

Together with 20 smaller villages, Malinska forms an area of the island called Dubašnica (“dub” is the local name for oak). The wooded bay on the west coast of the island of Krk, where Malinska and the surrounding villages are located, boasts lush vegetation because it is sheltered from the cold winds and characterized by a mild climate. That`s why the potential for developing health tourism in this area was recognized very early on.

Today, Malinska is a favorite tourist destination for many guests who can enjoy its dozen or so beautiful beaches, mild climate and rich tourist offer. It is time to find out for yourselves why Malinska is such a popular tourist destination...



Malinska - freshwater spring Jaz and the mill

Malinska is a relatively new settlement on the island, mentioned for the first time only in the 15th century. It was named after a mill, the remains of which are still visible in the town center next to a water source.

In 1937, the freshwater spring Jaz was converted into a place where the laundry was washed. Nowadays Jaz is a favorite gathering place. Precisely because of the source of freshwater near the sea, you will find cute ducklings in the port of Malinska.

Malinska - the pearl of the Kvarner Islands

The first visitors, mostly tourists from Opatija arrived aboard steamships in the 19th century. Another event that contributed to Malinska’s popularity was the arrival of the Crown Prince of Austria, Rudolf of Habsburg to enjoy the hunting grounds around Malinska. The press in Vienna afterward referred to Malinska as the pearl of the Kvarner Islands.

Malinska underwent significant expansion in the 18th century when a port was built mainly for exporting wood. The first houses were then built around the port, forming the nowadays very popular and lively tourist promenade.

Beaches in Porat and Vantačići

If you go from Malinska to Porat, 4 km away, you can enjoy some beautiful beaches. Here you will find the Vrtača beach with concrete sunbathing plateaus, a small pebble beach and a ramp for the disabled.

On Rova beach, you can refresh yourself in the shade of nurtured olive groves.

In nearby Vantačići, there is a nice beach in the harbor and Valica beach with cascading sunbathing areas.

A tourist train runs to Uhlić beach in Porat, and from there, promenades lead to many small, romantic hidden coves.

Beaches along Paradise Road - like in paradise

Along the 6 km long Paradise road that leads from Malinska to Njivice, you will find the Ribarsko selo beach, which also has a section for guests who come on holiday with pets.

The Haludovo beach is also located there and will delight you with the pine forests that surround it and in the shade of which you can enjoy.

Along Paradise Road, there is a section that is unofficially used as a nudist beach.

Beaches in the center of Malinska - a lot of family and sports facilities

Malinska will delight you with its numerous and varied beaches. In the center of Malinska, there are beaches Maestral and Rupa with lots of facilities for children.

Near the beach Rupa, you will find a small sandy beach Portić.

Draga beach near the Hotel Malin offers a lot of sports facilities.

Salted air and lush oaks and pines forests

Explore the archeological site of Cickini, walk to the Franciscan monastery in Porat, walk along the beautiful promenade by the sea from Porat to Glavotok. You can also visit Fumak - the largest wooden crucifix in Europe. This votive cross is located in a beautiful location along the stone Way of the Cross.

The most famous promenade is Paradise Road, which leads from Malinska to Njivice and bears its name for a reason. There is also an educational promenade "Step into the history of our hardworking ancestors". This educational promenade near Porto will show you with the help of several interpretation boards how the inhabitants of the island once lived in harmony with nature.

Enjoy the salty air and the lush oak and pine forests of Dubašnica.

Olive Touch weekend, Malinska Trail and events in Malinska

In summer, many events occur in Malinska: numerous concerts, exhibitions, plays and sports competitions. Here we would like to highlight some major events, like the day of the parish's patron saint - St. Apollinaris on 20.7. and Malinska Nights last weekend in July.

Since Malinska is a favorite family destination, you will find plenty of content for children, such as an amusement park, trampoline, and 8D cinema box.

Olive Touch weekend program is also organized where, in addition to picking olives in century-old olive groves, you can enjoy Krk specialties made from olives and olive oil. There is also a wellness program that uses olive-based products.

If you like active holidays and outdoor activities, we suggest you take part in the Malinska Trail. Here you can enjoy a less demanding 14 km race and a more demanding 24 km race. The Malinska Trail race takes you through the beautiful nature of Malinska and Dubašnica. It is an opportunity to discover the numerous hiking trails that dot the surroundings of Malinska.

Church of St. Apollinare - moved & rebuilt stone by stone

The new church of St. Nicholas from 1999. is situated in the center of Malinska by the sea. In the nearby Bogovići is the church of St. Apollinare with a distinctive bell tower.

Church of St. Apollinare has a very interesting and long history - it is mentioned as early as 1500 when it was located in the Dubašnica`s field. That central settlement of Dubašnica was devastated by malaria and its inhabitants moved to nearby Bogovići. In the 19th century, the old church was moved stone by stone and rebuilt in Bogovići.

The glagolitic monastery in Porat - an oasis of spirituality

To the south of Malinska lies Porat, also a popular tourist destination. One can visit its popular Franciscan monastery – a Glagolitic monastery dating from 1480, with the Church of St Mary Magdalene and its museum collection. 

The Franciscan monastery of the Third Order in Porat preserves valuable Glagolitic manuscripts. In the courtyard of the monastery there is an interesting lapidarium with casts of the most important Glagolitic inscriptions in stone.



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