Northern Velebit National Park

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    Why the Northern Velebit National Park?

    • Because its landscape is unique and its views breathtaking
    • Because you will enjoy the sumptuous nature of the Velebit Mountain and learn a lot about its plant and animal species at the same time 
    • Because you will get acquainted with the lace of stones of the Velebit karst 


Northern Velebit is a fascinating karst landscape marked with traces of man. The largest part of the Park is covered with spruce and fir tree forests, creeping pine tree forests and common beech tree forests. The breathtaking view of the Adriatic from the Velebit peaks as well as the magical slopes of Velebit always simply take your breath away.

The beautiful karst landscape created in the centuries-old game of stone and water, this stunning lace of stone is one of the main features of this national park.

So far, about 1,500 species of plants, mushrooms and animals have been discovered in the park, but there are many others, which are still unexplored. Some of the Velebit plants are very rare, such as no less than 79 endemic plants, the best known of which is the Degenia (Latin: Degenia velebitica, Croatian: velebitska degenija). Due to the exceptional preservation of the Velebit ecosystem, the inhabitants of the mountain include bears, wolves, lynxes and golden eagles. 

The Velebit underground world is a paradise for speleologists - there are more than 200 speleological structures. Among them, particularly interesting are the caves. In the center of the park, for example, there are 3 caves deeper than 1000 m; one of them, the cave Lukina jama is 1,431 meters deep.

When visiting the Park, you should take the hiking trail Kružna staza (Circular path). From Babić Siča, the main entrance to the Park, the hiking trail Staza zviri (Trail of Beasts) will take you to Zavižan in 1.5 hours. Along the hiking trail, there are information panels telling the visitors about some of the interesting animal species, which live in the area.

From Zavižan, you can go back to Babić Siča entrance by following the educational trail Trag čovika (Traces of Mankind) that takes you along the coastal side of the Velebit Mountain, following the old cattle-breeding routes. The walk along the hiking trail Trag čovika takes about 3 hours. 

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Zavižan, the oldest Croatian high-altitude weather station, located at 1,594 m above sea level. The access to Zavižan is easy, and in addition to the mountain lodge, there are other amenities for visitors (a parking lot, benches, rest areas, sanitary facilities). If you climb from Zavižan to some of the belvederes, you will be stunned by the truly unforgettable view of the Kvarner islands and the Lika region.

From the parking lot at the foot of Vučjak to the meteorological station on Zavižan, there are 17 information panels along the very interesting educational path Vremenske ćudi Zavižana (Weather Whims of Zavižan) very interesting. Due to its location and relief, Velebit has a true mountain climate, so the weather station at Zavižan sometimes records snow even in the summer months.

The Velebit Botanical Garden is only a 15-minute walk away from Zavižan. It was founded in 1967, to make the diversity of Velebit flora accessible to all visitors.

It takes about an hour to visit the Botanical Garden. June and July are months when the majority of vegetation is in bloom. A large alpinetum with numerous eye-catching species thrills each visitor. In the center of the garden, there is the karst skinhole Balinovačka ponikva, and you can take the stone staircase to reach its bottom. Plant species are labeled, and there are also interesting information panels with information about the Garden. There is also a bench and a rest area at your disposal.

Premužićeva staza, the Premužić Trail, also runs through the Northern Velebit National Park in the length of 16 km. Premužić Trail is 57 km long and takes visitors to the most beautiful peaks of Velebit without any difficult ascents. The tour of Premužić Trail through the Park takes 8 to 9 hours. There are 26 information panels along the trail.

In order to have a pleasant and safe stay at the park while preserving its natural assets, it is important to adhere to some of the rules and to follow some tips:

Lighting fires, leaving the marked trails, picking plants, mushroom picking, littering and making noise is forbidden. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.  

We advise you to bring enough water, wear sensible hiking boots, and not to forget warm clothing and headgear. Always watch your step, keep hold of the handrails and do not approach wild and domestic animals. Before visiting the Park, inquire about the weather in advance and make sure you have enough fuel because the nearest service station is 25 km away.

Entrance ticket is valid for 3 days and a family ticket is available at the price of 16 Euro kn for two adults and children up to 18 years old. Combined entrance ticket for National park and House of Velebit is also available at 10 Euro/person or as a family ticket at 25 Euro.

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    • The Northern Velebit National Park is usually open to visitors from the beginning of May to the middle of November - depending on the weather conditions.
    • Working hours depend on the time of year and weather conditions.
    • The time required to tour the park depends on which trails you want to walk - the shortest walks through the park last 2 hours, and we recommend that you plan to visit the park all day.

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